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  1. I painted my FN FAL using this little *fruitcage*ers: This was the base layer: And this is the final result:
  2. What's that thing over your left sleeve, and why? And what's the black thing on the back of your pistol belt, just above your *albatross*?
  3. Got this one when I entered the police force. It's the little angel protecting my back (armed with 7.62mm)
  4. I see the letters FAL and raise you my AK on a bed of Rhodesian camouflage (I just wish I had the FAL to go with it!)
  5. We actually did exactly the same thing during our OP:D-DAY in Normandy, but blindfolded and at night in a terrain that nobody knew. Was bloody fun!
  6. My workhorse. Shame the thumb safety broke off...
  7. Full metal WA M1911A1: And full metal WA Kimber:
  8. Yes it has. I don't have a 9v battery at home, I just have to pull the trigger for 10 seconds before it fills the whole feedtube with bbs before it begins feeding into the hopup. I might have received a lemon though. Stock broke off during transport (that's two of us!) and very bad feeding in single shot mode (no problem in full auto though)
  9. I'm looking for a silver Kimber kit for WA (not warrior). Where could I possibly score such a thing? Boomsarms has a silver V12 kit, but no kimber kit.
  10. That's maybe because the real one isn't exactly designed to be shot from the shouldered position? /edit: lol too slow. And it's funny to hear a 14y/o say that it's for men. No offense intended though, just funny
  11. You are aware that you have a three-headed sperm entering a vulva on your arm?
  12. In dire need of a front and rear sight... :| (anyone happens to have a pair for sale?)
  13. Now in progress of actually getting that M1 mag to work (it's internally a Marushin M2 with removed fire selector)
  14. that's the stock plastic kit? It looks gorgeous! Now get some real grips
  15. Generic JG with not so generic WA M1911 Magna.
  16. Zmarre

    AGM M4 GBB

    Darn, I can't manage to lock my bolt back. There's a RATECH BCG installed in the rifle, and an Element steel bolt stop (thanks Luis!), and sometimes it will lock back, but it's rare. I'm talking just by a dryfire btw, so not after emptying a full mag.
  17. That looks utterly useless but incredibly sexy at the same time. Too bad the paint looks chipped badly. Is it a WE/KJW or something? Or just bad lightning?
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