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  1. This is easily the silliest thing I've ever volunteered for at an airsoft game. At OP: Battle of the Bulge in MD, they were taking volunteers for an "airdrop", and I jumped in. I assumed we'd be taking some sort of vehicle elsewhere in the AO, but the ref had us put our deadrags on, hold hands, and WALK into enemy controlled territory.


    We actually did exactly the same thing during our OP:D-DAY in Normandy, but blindfolded and at night in a terrain that nobody knew. Was bloody fun!

  2. Yes it has. I don't have a 9v battery at home, I just have to pull the trigger for 10 seconds before it fills the whole feedtube with bbs before it begins feeding into the hopup.


    I might have received a lemon though. Stock broke off during transport (that's two of us!) and very bad feeding in single shot mode (no problem in full auto though)

  3. Box mag- Feeds great. But I hope you can learn to shoot left handed. because the box mag sticks out really far from the gun, so it's odd to hold.


    That's maybe because the real one isn't exactly designed to be shot from the shouldered position?


    /edit: lol too slow.


    And it's funny to hear a 14y/o say that it's for men. No offense intended though, just funny :)

  4. Darn, I can't manage to lock my bolt back.


    There's a RATECH BCG installed in the rifle, and an Element steel bolt stop (thanks Luis!), and sometimes it will lock back, but it's rare. I'm talking just by a dryfire btw, so not after emptying a full mag.

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