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  1. It looks like a bad *albatross* pistol, Luis. My new WA Magna: (the middle one)
  2. Maybe the oring in the bottom is too strict, so the magspring doesn't have enough tention to push the BBs into the hopup chamber?
  3. Zmarre

    KJW M4

    Dingdingding, my crazyness is hereby confirmed. I wonder if 20round mags would work well in this gun. They're generally considered too small for normal GBBRs, but maybe with the quite good gas efficiency of this gun they might do their job as good as the 30 rounders on the other brand GBBRs?
  4. Zmarre

    KJW M4

    My tickling senses tell me that there will be normal STANAG mags coming up, am I not right t_hum?
  5. FYI, the KJW 226 doesn't perform quite well in the cold either. I used my WA M1911 SCW3 once as my primary in full snow. Could top of 10-15 BBs max, but shot noticably less far and with weaker blowback. The only other GBB that day that worked was a KWA Glock if I remember correctly.
  6. I guess this is the same jacket as www.marsgear.com sells? Does anyone happen to be able to compare it to the EBB softshells?
  7. I was already thinking in that direction. Now that I'm home and able to use Google, I found out that Pierce produces such things (and quite inexpensive, around the ten lollar mark) Linky: http://www.pearcegrip.com/colt-gov.htm (the second gun on that page is accidentally almost EXACTLY what I'm aiming for)
  8. Two quick estethical questions for my feature build: - do TM grips require a lot of modding to fit a WA? And a Prime'd or PGC'd? My real steel Hogues fitted my stock WA perfectly, but did require quite some filing to fit my Prime Kimber metal frame. Is this normal? For my second build I might rock the stock frame but after the next payday install a metal kit... Would suck if I had to mod my new grips again. - I'm a fan of grooved grips, and I sometimes see an M1911 with a custom grip *and* grooves. For example: this are custom grips: And he installed them on this gun:
  9. They don't exist. WA made them some years ago, but even if you're lucky enough to find them they won't work in your WE.
  10. I like to be different Now it only needs a new decent silver slide release (this one was bead blasted and looks like utter ######), a silver magwell and an illuminated frontsight. And that it'll be finally done, and I can start a new WA Kimber project.
  11. Boomarms carries the A1 GBBRs. (XM177, M733, M16A1, M16'VN') If they only weren't so frikkin' expensive :|
  12. Well... it's not the barrel that wobbles but it's the frontgrip. And really A LOT.
  13. Original: After half an hour of work: It's a BE M500 6mm, full wood&metal. Lovely thing, looks awesome, sounds awesome, now I just have to try to solve the frikkin' front wobble and this gun is perfect.
  14. I did sand the frame, the slide is stock. It looks dull and busted, because it's my primary weapon and I have quite a 'rough' playing style. This baby just keeps on going and going and going btw. The barrel is a PDI. Too bad it's aluminium, it feels like rubbish compared to my steel one, but anyway. I had to shorten the recoil rod by ~3mm btw to get it to cycle perfectly every time with the big silencer attached.
  15. Last weekend, I shot exactly 50 shots with my WA M1911 on one full gas reservoir. Temp around 10°C, one second between each shot. Anyway, pic time! ARMY MEU and WA Kimber: And the WA with a PDI smoke cap silencer:
  16. In popular demand, I present you my XM177: G&P XM177E1, ofcourse fitted with the famous Magpull D.U.C.T. tape on the flashhider and their newly released O.L.D. iron sights.
  17. Zmarre

    KJW M4

    A1 receiver. Do it.
  18. Those grips just top that gun off. What type are they? On a sidenote, my Kimber has the same standard form for too long for my taste. I've been trying to find a threaded barrel for this for some time now, but I just can't find any... Anyone that can point me into a direction? (It's a WA btw)
  19. Stock G&P XM177E1 with a normal Aimpoint replica on top of it.
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