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  1. That is simply the most beautiful pistol I've ever seen. Hands down.
  2. Wow, a bluetooth tactical headset. Does it play MP3s too? /edit: spelling
  3. You forgot to take off the price labels of your vest.
  4. What country are you located in? If it's Belgium (fal is a belgian rifle) I know an address for you. And still, international shipping mostly isn't that expensive for some 700grams of metal.
  5. Aha! Thanks, I will definitely remember this for the next time. I fairly believe you. But it's a fact that it really *does* look sanded to me and a lot of other people. It's covered with very thin longitudinal strokes, like someone passed over it with a small grid of sanding paper. Maybe it's the previous owner, no idea, but it really definitely looks sanded That has always been my backup plan for when my sanding would look terrible. But like I said, the front of the frame does look *exactly* like the slide. I can't, by any means possible, detect any difference in fi
  6. Still need to sand down the area around the trigger guard. After that, moving to wetsanding with a finer grid, and she's done. Why did I sand it? - because I don't like 2tone guns - because I didn't knew you could get the paint off with a simple oven cleaner product. Maybe on a cheap WE, but not on the "perfectly finished" Prime frame. I expect an anodizing withstanding a bit more than just some chemicals (and I work often with painted automotive parts and chemical cleaning products, but I've never seen a good painting come off) - because the stock Prime slide is sanded too. I e
  7. Sanding the frame of my WA Kimber. Had to stop due to a sore thumb from sanding ^^ Finish is better than I'd thought, you can't distinguish the sanded parts from the stock silver parts. But before I can continue, I have a question. How on this frikkin' earth can I remove the right side safety lever?! I struggled for an hour to get it off, but I just don't see it.
  8. Me on a halloween skirm. That's some leather facemask there. I had a totenkopf for on the kepi, but decided not to use it to avoid a fuzz with the other participants. I would normally wear a long leather jacket but a friend had it with him on holiday.
  9. Altered Soul, what pouches do you have on that TT MAV? I'm a bit looking for half-decent non-velcro magpouches.
  10. Yeah, the Kimber is a full metal kit (prime if I recall correctly), but the standard all silver Colt Gov Series 70 is bog-standard WA plastic. I had a teammate once play with it for half an hour, after which I told him it was a standard plastic gun, and it took him another half an hour to believe me
  11. Kicks as hard as a friend's TM Desert Eagle 'hardkick', shoots incredibly strong, and still empties two mags with one load of gas. Western Arms are not that bit of pain apparently
  12. Stock CYMA. I've just modded the plastic faux wood a bit using paint and a screwdriver.
  13. Huh? What grip is that? It ressembles the realsteel Hogue one so much I thought your rifle was a realsteel one (until I saw the missing boltcatch ;D )
  14. lol, I handle motor oil since I was 8 years old... (my father was bus technician)
  15. It's a TAD patch, but I've never seen the pic on the TAD site before.
  16. Anyone knows what the RS Kimber grips are worth? I'm planning on buying this M1911, but swap the grips for Hogue ones (I'm in love with them)
  17. Well, honestly, I am. The one in the picture just above your post. So I can add some metal to my WA. Comes with systema internals (shooting around 300FPS), two lowcaps, 8.4V Intellect battery, and a STANAG adapter (so you can use your M16 low-mid and highcaps on this one) 380 lollars incl shipping to the US.
  18. Jup, it's that one. It's somewhat the cheapest WA available (I wanted to use it as a base gun anyway). And I know about the chipping, I had one like this before and after two skirms it looked worse than my grandma.
  19. Aquired a new reddot for my P90, together with a new camera (S1-IS).
  20. Sold my old WA M1911, got this new one. Now on the search for a metal body kit and Hogue grips.
  21. That AKMS (I think?) looks amazing.
  22. Those deep front serrations give it a very agressive look. What type of slide is it exactly?
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