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  1. Yeah, those Hogue grips are awesome. They look good, and feel like pure sechs. Seriously. Too bad I sold the gun to this lady (yes, that's during a skirm!) but I just ordered another one on dentrinity. And thanks Mobius. I think I'll be getting this metal kit, and have it beadblasted silver. Then add some decent sights (Novak? Bomar? LeBear? Cheap, decent and fitting) and Hogue grips and this will be my CQB beast.
  2. Damn, I now realise that boomarms did put the 'next products' button at the top of the page instead of the bottom. I'm sorry, they indeed have a lot of metal kits.
  3. I searched for Prime, and still came up with 5 (five) kits for a WA M1911. But anyway. Does anyone have an idea whether this kit would fit on my SCW3? Because it simply states 'SCW' and not SCW1 or something. And are the sights milled into the slide or could I add better ones? To stay ontopic: my for now still plastic gun:
  4. Are you kidding me? They have 4 kits for a WA M1911...
  5. What are good places to buy metal kits for a WA? Because almost every site I looked at (UNC, WGC, Dentrinity, Redwolf) only has like two or three kits in stock (expensive ones ^^) I don't want a fancyspansy kit, just a simpel, good and not too expensive one. With option to build in new combat sights.
  6. Seb definitely knows how to make great pictures. The only picture I found of myself during that game is the one where I was shot right in my bottom.
  7. I'm scoutsleader, we have a camp every summer, with a theme, and sketches every day revealing the theme. The departure was the theft of our bartender, so we headed for an abroad search&resque operation. I was the terrorist ;D (notice the finger off the trigger) Loadout: cheapest 2ndhand vest I could find, my shemag, pair of retro sunshades.
  8. Most 3Daypacks are *larger* than a gobag...
  9. Is it really necessary to quote ALL that pics for that question? *sigh* The green one is definitely bad for the eyes. The red one too if you are exposed for like more than a few seconds.
  10. Hehe, my reply wasn't ment to be positive It's so hard over the top weared that I think it's almost unbelievable and clearly artificially made. But if you like it, all other opinions are futile
  11. I think even John McClane wouldn't create that much wear after a time in a warzone.
  12. I reaaaaaly lol'ed at that 'lalalallalabumba' music. It's something we use here for those realyrealyrealyrealy drunk parties.
  13. The Oring can become quite *suitcasey* after some years without usage, so you can loose quite some FPS.
  14. non conductive water is demineralised water. Highly salty water has LOTS of minerals, so is *more* conductive than normal water
  15. CYMA CM.028 Quite cracky, but nice enough for the first steps into the dark world of mister Kalashnikov.
  16. There's a fine line between using your gear while airsofting and using your gear while being towed by a truck. Cool nonetheless
  17. In a monastry. Desert Jigsaw pants, Caterpilar shoes, tactical Stella Artois tshirt. Eagle dutybelt with SERPA M92 and 1911 holsters. WA M1911 and BELL 707 guns. Mechanix gloves and ESS ICE. The pink/salmon bands are for teamrecognition, but we changed that later that day. Later that evening when it got dark, I changed my loadout a bit: But I realised that was way to warm so I got rid of the hoodie: (and yes, that guy on the left has crye kneepads stitched to his jeans, lol)
  18. Any chance you can make a comparision pic between the German W├╝stentarn and the Danish desertcamo?
  19. I only use GG in my WA. Yesterday was my third pistol only skirm with that gun, still no signs of wear whatsoever. And indeed, yesterday I could whitness the kick being even more impressive then the TM Desert Eagle highkick of another member. As hard, but way more snappier.
  20. Zmarre

    Custom Gear

    Or just ebay.com ...
  21. The back one is my teammate, and I really liked the shadowplay. It gives the pictures something evil... This is also a nice picture, due to the light of the chandelier. Our objective =D This really has some movie-alike allures. All pictures courtesy of AirsoftCustomEvents.
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