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  1. Was posted before spiderpig, but it's a good one nonetheless.
  2. Zmarre trying to surprise ppl downstairs. And succeeding btw. Had an awesome game this saturdayevening, in an old monastry/school. At night. Yummie. BTW, yes I'm wearing a shirt with fluo letters. This one. Right now I'm going for an anti-tourist loadout.
  3. Although his cave/basement/room is a bit more 'untidy' then LS's house...
  4. I'm blinded by the Flecktarness of your post.
  5. Just got my Hogues 2ndhand from this forum for my WA SCW3. I like touching it in nasty ways. I like to handle it. I like to shake it. I like to wield it. Damn yes I would like to skirm with it (or what'd you think?)
  6. www.rsov.com Nice slides indeed, bought one of him as well.
  7. 1stshooter, where did you get the holster from? If you got it secondhand, what make is it?
  8. My HFC M190 along with it's little clone, the BELL. Both modded to fit into a CQC holster (the BELL on a neat way, just needs a little paint, the HFC on an ugly way, but the plastic was melting under my dremel's bit...)
  9. It's like... a Tommygun and a P90 having secret Nazi SM sex and this was the offspring. It's amazing.
  10. iez nize! What chestrig is that?
  11. Kitlist: - BHI CQC holster - ACM triple magpouch - turqish Diesel-replica leather belt - tactical babe calendar And that's all I need to kill. For a total of $50.
  12. No, you're absolutely right, my bad. It's just because I know Grimm sometimes shows the new Begadi uniforms that I thought he showed the OD uniform here.
  13. It looks more brownish to me...
  14. Does scale 1:16 count?
  15. DE version, from Gunners. And heck, the thing is loud.
  16. Zmarre

    BELL EG720

    Anyone tried a metal kit on these already?
  17. Hispeed1, what outer barrel did you use?
  18. Husky's right. I got the holster from www.versandhaus-schneider.de -> http://www.versandhaus-schneider.de/index....Path/40_101_167 I payed 8.00EUR to ship it to Belgium.
  19. My 557, off Ebaybanned. Little ghostsight though, although you can only see it when it's dark outside, or the brightness is set too high. Nice replica for the rest, full metal etc (doesn't have an ABS hood like I read somewhere)
  20. Just received my 557 today. Now I just need to get another friggin' front end, I don't like the looks of the SD front. No reposts from the old thread(s) please. - Hoppum
  21. 70 indeed. Holster's an Umarex BTW (Walther OEM). Did cost me $30. Superb price/quality.
  22. Thread continues from Mk. I Just stock, Hogue grips and black controls when I've got some more money. No reposts from the old thread please. - Hoppum
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