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  1. caaw

    Major site access issues?

    i tried on both wired and wireless. Also with the router in modem mode made no difference. Until the 10th
  2. caaw

    Major site access issues?

    Yeah I'm on a naff superhub as well.
  3. caaw

    Major site access issues?

    Had the same problem with Virgin not been able to get on here for a couple weeks yet tonight it's resolved. wonder if it's a Virgin issue.
  4. caaw

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    My CAR 15 originally tm now has hurricane body systema high speed gearbox. just need acu mosfet and a diffrent motor.
  5. caaw

    M14 Picture Thread

    Question for you G&G soc 16 owners ive lost the screw on my KAC ras the screw is the one on the left that screws into the body any one able to tell me what size the screw is so i can go get a new one as taking the gun into b&q and trying random isnt a good idea. Cheers caaw this screw
  6. caaw

    What's your backup?

    tm mk 23 lovely

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