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  1. A teammate of mine did this to his TAVOR Heres his build thread. http://midwestairsofters.com/index.php?opt...amp;topic=17743.
  2. Just received my PDW Engraved version from Ebaybanned. Came with a plastic orange flash hider along with the black metal KAC flash hider, 8" and 10" barrel extension, and is EXTREMELY nice. I am in love already.
  3. Ordered mine with engraved trades yesterday from Ebaybanned. Will have pics up when it arrives.
  4. Can you explain how you would go about removing the laser engraving? I agree that they are hideous and innacurrate. Alumahyde black?
  5. I realize the VFC SR15 16" is styled after the KAC SR 15 E3, however Correct me if I am wrong, but since the KAC SR15 E3 does not have full auto capabilities, but the VFC DOES have full auto, its an SR16 then, and the trades are correct =D I tell myself that so I don't cry myself to sleep over the trades. (Sorry for the RS chat)
  6. Don't worry about it, I like to take pictures And yes, King Arms M3 scope and LaRue mount is what i'll be running.
  7. Fortunately its not all mine, it was a group order. Even if they do seize it, Ehobby has a guarantee to get through customs.
  8. By real I mean the ones I intend to use on the rifle, not just an optic for pictures. But yes, they are replica optics. The scope is part of a $700 order from Ehobby, I imagine they have a problem with the TM 1911 in there
  9. Thanks! Can't wait for my real optics to arrive... U.S. Customs has had em for a week!
  10. My VFC SR16 16" Currently have an M3 + LaRue SPR mount on the way.
  11. Any VFC SR16 owners know how to tighten up the wobbly ambi fire selector? Its eating away at me.
  12. Hows the 46 working out for you?

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