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  1. Koa scale for XM-18 I voided my Benchmade warranty. But at least I did it in style.
  2. OPS-CORE FAST helmet(ok so maybe it's not a non-airsoft acquisition)
  3. Strider PT Rick Hinderer XM-18 x2 That being said, no more knives for a while XD
  4. Congrats on your purchase, The End. You'll find it to be a tough and extremely versatile machine. Very impressive to wield and the 51 AF points will help especially when shooting fast moving objects.
  5. The D300 is actually a higher quality body than the D90, but the D90 also takes videos and it comes with a lens. I guess it really depends if you want the lens compatibility of the D300, or if you want the movie features of the D90. Remember though, the D90's video does NOT autofocus. It's manual focus only.
  6. I was just at Ritz camera this afternoon and had asked to try a 60mm Nikon Micro Lens on a D300s, but they didn't have that body at the time(they never actually do) when the clerk mentioned that, yes the D300s is popular, and unlike the D40 series and lower end bodies it can use all the lenses currently on the market. Now I'm glad I got my D300s when I did.
  7. Would the Magpul UBR made for the WA M4 fit this?
  8. Glad you liked them! I think the D300s has features outside of video that make it desirable over the D90. One is that it has 51 autofocus points and can autofocus extremely fast on moving subjects, especially fighter jets. It also has an internal gyroscope(which I didn;t use much) and dual memory card slots(CF and SD) The dedicated INFO button is also a huge advantage. 0nslaught: I've used a Canon AE-1 program in college, with a 50mm lens. That camera was fully manual and didn't have any fancy settings or autofocus. In my opinion, it's a great starting point and can teach you a lot about
  9. From Hickam AFB open house: Taken with a Nikon D300s. I'm thoroughly impressed with this camera. Funny how most of the active duty guys thought I was with the Public Affairs Squadron or something.
  10. I may just be the first person in Hawaii to wield the power of the D300s.
  11. Dunno if this counts as a doodle, but here you go. If you're not familiar with a KC-135 stratotanker, feel free to google it.
  12. You can all laugh at how it shoots .22LR but it's the only affordable caliber to shoot nowadays.
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