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  1. Wedgie

    1K club

    Yeah that is what I was thinking. You basically have a sniper rifle power shooting at an impressive AEG rate of fire. Overkill much?
  2. Picture of my weapon(s).
  3. Wedgie

    3D Models

    This is one from last year. Modelled in inventor. The second is just the gun thrown into 3D studio max with a new grip mapped onto it. I have improved quite a lot in max since then though.
  4. I can see how it would be quite annoying for the people that had a high rep for legitimate reasons that have now been bought back to zero. I know the system was abused but for the ones that actually used it properly and had a reputation based on being a good seller now appear to just be the same as everyone else on here. Including the ones that were in the minus reps.
  5. Haha, some of the replies from the other (now closed) thread were funny as hell.
  6. Wedgie

    Unholy Fusions

    Of course it does! EDIT: Fixed.
  7. Wedgie

    Unholy Fusions

    I was going to do one with one of those double c-mag type thingymabobs too but I couldn't find any decent pictures at the right angle, plus I'm in a rush.
  8. Not just any people though. Just people like you.
  9. Wedgie

    Unholy Fusions

    Totally random lets just find anything I can and stick it all together type attempt.
  10. So if I come on-line and its busy, I should leave? Sorry, but that just sounds like a really bad idea. Pretty much every time I come on-line its just as busy.
  11. It seems odd for some reason that the person who said that has a fair few rep points to his name. Yeah I know the system isn't always used as it was intended to be used, but you have to admit that it does still have some purpose. Some people do actually get positive reps for giving out good information or for being good sellers in the same way that people get negative reps for giving out bad information. Its just a pity that its not always totally accurate, but still, it has its uses.
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