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  1. Throw a G34 Adjustable rear sight on that. I personally think they look the best out of all the stock sights.
  2. Nicest G19 I've seen since the days when ViciousV10's Glocks ruled the picture thread. Nicely done +1
  3. The G17 outerbarrel wont work with the G19. Look at the cutouts, see the difference?
  4. Thats awesome! I've never noticed that before.
  5. Not sure which part of the shotgun your question is for? The Adapter I used for the stock was this one: http://www.armstechllc.com/all%20products.htm It's inexpensive, and nicely built. Heres an updated shot with the cutdown barrel, and Hogue foregrip. And some more Magpul-ized goodness.. (Not mine. Built for a member)
  6. I had the same problem. I used some newspaper as a spacer until i got the G&P speed buffers in. Both ways the rifle now shoots fine.
  7. Polished it yourself? Looks slick man. Where did you find the Guarder stainless kit?
  8. Nice Firefly. When did you get hkssr20det to build it for you?
  9. Thanks. I cut 2 inches off the barrel (Tubung cutter worked perfect).
  10. Take the CTR off, and put some strips of electrical tape on the buffer tube. it will stop the annoying wobble.
  11. Was gonna do something a bit different but I like this look better. Couple things I may change, such as I don't know if I wanna keep the UBR on it anymore. I may go the CTR route. I also Was gonna chop the whole thing up to 8-10" but I like the longer barrel now. I may just cut it down to 16" and Port the barrel (a la Vang Comp). And I also dont know if i like it enough to buy a surefire M70 rail for it. I may just find a hogue forend for it. Marushin M500 Arms Tech Tactical Stock Adapter Magpul Maid Madpul UBR (replica) Has anyone tried cutting the barrel with a tubing cutter
  12. Nice. Theres something not quite right with the rear sight. Cant seem to put my finger on it tho...
  13. very nice. I kick myself for not picking up one of those KJW G19's when TMC still had a bunch in stock...
  14. Thanks Gentlemen Optics?! Who needs optics??? lol, I'm going with a BARSKA 1.25-4.5x26 Euro-30 scope, in a Larue replica SPR mount. I also have a G&P Aimpoint replica and a replica 3x magnifier I can throw on. Just waiting for a Larue FTS mount for the 3x magnifier...
  15. How are you making out with this? Still thinking about building it? Hope you don't mind, I fell in love with the shottie you posted and I plan on building one just like it. ACM M500, KA adapter, Magpul MAID and UBR, and still haven't figured out the foregrip. I may do something similar to the iron ridge shottie, but i'm not sure yet...
  16. Got some updated shots of the WA M4.
  17. They are nice tho! Plus they come in handy when setting the rifle down..
  18. Which bipod legs are those? I have the King Arms version and their the shakiest piece of equipment on my rifle...
  19. Starting to see the end WA M4 (upper rifle) G&P Troy MBK Troy MRF-MX Troy front Battle sight (Bomber) Troy rear Battle sight (KA) Vltor Tangodown Bipod (KA) Tangodown VFG Magpul MAID Magpul UBR (ACM) Vltor Flashider (G&P) RA-Tech Hop-up
  20. I figures as much. Prog4 is freaking smart. Give airsofters something they've been wanting since the beginning. The ability to get quality custom slides and parts made up. Even if it's just changing the trademarks, it makes that part unique. 20C was a good choice.
  21. WTF, that is freaking hot! Who made the slide? +1 on the old school frame, and also some sights that compliment such a nice gun. I wish I had photography skills
  22. I hate posting unfinished builds, but since I struggled with the damn G&P Metal body kit for the past hour I'm posting a pic! WA M4 (Unfinished) ** Don't mind that thing on the bottom.. Apparently it's called an AEG and it runs off of batteries or something like that. Using it for some inspiration.
  23. I don't shoot it much. But it's holding up pretty well... I've been waiting for a metal slide to come out before I start tweaking it more.
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