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  1. biggsnorton

    1911 Picture Thread

    prime have just released a comander kit for to fit marui on wgc.......
  2. biggsnorton

    Inokatsu M1911A1 Standard Edition

    just bought myself a standard 1911 inno from tokyo mdel last week , and i must be one of the unlucky ones as the slide is way loose from side to side and upward not what i expecton a $860 gun the barrel bushing is a poor a loose fit seems to be a common fault but only noticebly when you look closely grip safety side movement excessive i did own adeactivated 1911a1 by remington rand and i can catergorrically say there were no loose parts despite its serial numbers giveing history to pacific use in 1944 so when people say all real ones are like it dont kid yourselfs . for anyone into 45s and want agood read .try the model 1911 and model 1911a1 military and commercial pistols by joe poyer 2nd edition / north cape publications .... a real bible for 45 junkies .. getting back to the slide frame fit i dont think pinching the slide in would be a good idea as the inno slide despite being steel looks to be cast which im sure would crack before bending unlik some real steel slides that have not been heat treated as the later ones were.... so what if some one were to make a replacement insert ie the part that goes into the frame for the slide to run on with slightly more width of metal again in steel that you could finish yourself for ultimate fit would i be the only taker or would it sell
  3. biggsnorton

    1911 Picture Thread

    please do tell where did you buy the metal kit for the 1911 ,i would imagine it would be like looking for a hens tooth , nice guns nice photos...

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