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  1. chris u'5
    In my previous blog I discussed the trouble I was having with my recently installed Creation slide on my KSC Glock 17.
    Thankfully the uprgade parts I had ordered from Un Company have now resolved all the issues I was having.
    Prior to installing these parts I had managed to get the pistol operating properly but it definitely wasn't performing at peak performance, I was finding that the slide was locking back but recoil was a bit sluggish and the power seemed to vary quite a bit, I presume the PGC high flow vale is mainly responsible for these improved results as I didn't install the Guarder recoil spring and guide.
    I did actually try it but my old problems were occurring when it was fitted i.e. pistol firing but the slide was not locking back. So now I actually still have the stock recoil spring and guide installed! This seemed a bit strange to me as I always seem to hear people stating that the stock recoil spring didn't allow their pistol to function properly but if it works it works.
    The pistol is shooting pretty hard and it is much more consistent while remaining accurate so Im pretty pleased with the final results. To finish it off I added a real steel Glock front and rear sight and that about wrapped it up.
    The entire process from start to finish definitely wasn't easy but overall I would say it was enjoyable and I have certainly learnt a lot from this experience, Im actually looking forward to getting hold of another Glock and a metal slide just to compare how things go with that extra bit of knowledge under my belt. Unfortunately at the minute the options are pretty slim when it comes to metal slides for KSC Glock 17s, SD slides seem to be sold out everywhere, Creation aren't resuming production of their Glock slides for another 6 months and I can't find any Boomarms slides either so that will have to go on the back burner for a while I think.
    So moving on to my next project which is fitting a PGC Springfield Armory kit to a TM 1911. I actually ordered and received this kit from Un Company along with my Glock parts but they sent me the wrong frame!
    The frame that was included in the kit was from a Delta Elite kit. I've sent the incorrect frame back to them but obviously its going to be a while before the whole learning process can start again
    I will keep you updated with how I get on.
  2. chris u'5
    I have been spending a fair bit of time recently concentrating on my AEG and gathering up all the bits and pieces required to start skirmishing (damn you VCRA) but last week I made the decision that I was going to concentrate more time on my first love...GBBs.
    In the past I have bought many GBBs of various shapes and sizes but I have never made much of an effort to upgrade them in any way. The main reason for this is I have always doubted my ability to do these kind of things properly and my worst fear is ending up with a very expensive paperweight!
    So I figured I would start with a reasonably easy project, installing a Creation metal slide on my KSC Glock 17. I decided to go with the Creation slide as I had been informed that they are very good quality (which they are) and that they required no real fitting to install, what could be easier than that? I also decided to replace the stock recoil spring and guide with a Hurricane recoil guide and Zenith spring.
    I managed to remove the blowback unit from the stock slide and inserted it into the new metal slide without any major problems. Initially the slide was a bit tight on the frame but rather than sand the rails I decided it would be best to work the slide back and forth until the operation was smooth.
    My problems really began on firing the pistol, for some reason it shoots fine but the slide will no longer lock back when the magazine is empty.
    I removed the BBU for a look and gave everything a good clean before replacing it again and on this occasion I tried dry firing the pistol to see what happened and the slide locked back perfectly. I thought my problems were over. Wrong.
    As on the first occasion I loaded the magazine with five BBs and the pistol fired perfectly as before but once again the slide refused to lock back.
    I had been using Abbey Predator Ultra gas at all stages at indoor temperatures but I decided to purposely warm the magazine under the radiator to see if this would improve things. Unfortunately it didn't. At that point I became a bit stuck.
    I did speak to hkssr20det about it who suggested checking the floating valve which I hadn't done previously so I decided to go ahead and order a Shooters Design floating valve. Even if it isn't this, the stock floating valve tends to wear over time anyway so I might as well replace it. I also ordered a PGC high flow valve and a Guarder recoil spring and guide, fingers crossed these new items make the difference. I will keep you posted.
    So that where Im at after my first real encounter into the world of GBB upgrades. Its not went as smoothly as I hoped but I suppose these things never do. I have enjoyed the process so far however.
    Hopefully I can get this problem sorted soon and move onto my next project which is fitting a PGC Springfield Armory metal kit to a TM 1911. I think I have caught the bug!
  3. chris u'5
    Well I finally finished my 1911. Here's a few pictures, I hope you like them

    TM 1911A1
    PGC Springfield Armory Metal Kit
    PDI Koutetsu Springfield Armory Chamber And Barrel
    PDI Koutetsu Mil Spec Hammer
    PDI Koutetsu Sear
    Springfield Armory G.I. Grips
    PGC Recoil Spring
    PGC Piston Head
  4. chris u'5
    For the past month or so I've had very little time to get anything done airsoft wise unfortunately as Im working away from home at the moment. Im away during the week but travel back on Friday nights and leave again on Sunday afternoons which doesn't leave much time for anything really!
    My TM Springfield project has more or less come to a halt as a result but I have purchased a PDI SFA hammer and a PDI SFA outer barrel recently to finish the pistol off. Along with the 'real steel' SFA GI grips I managed to get hold of last year I think it will look pretty good when it all comes together.
    I have installed the frame but the slide still needs to go on. It's very tight so Im going to have to remove some material from inside the rails but I've not really looked at it properly for a while and I was also a bit unsure about the best method to do this. I've smoothed down the areas at either side of the chamber which will hopefully reduce the chances of the outer barrel catching and becoming damaged and obviously improve the operation of the pistol. Im sure it will get finished one day!
    Next in line is a TM Glock 17 to which I will be fitting a Guarder frame and a Boomarms Glock 34 Shuey slide. I've decided to do this for a change more than anything as this style of pistol is something I've never owned before so Im looking forward to that.
    I also have a WA Beretta 92 'Carbon Black' and a WA MEU 'Carbon Black' on the way. For the time being all that will be happening to those is a pair of Beretta wooden grips and a pair of Pachmayrs.
    So despite quite a bit being in the pipeline nothing is really happening at the moment and by the looks of it things wont change much for the next few months at least
  5. chris u'5
    Well UN Company finally shipped the correct Springfield frame to me and on Tuesday I began my first attempt at fitting a full metal kit.
    To be honest I was pretty nervous about the whole thing as its a pretty expensive kit to *fruitcage* up but I took my time and thought about every step and it actually went a lot better than I thought.
    I had to trim the leaf spring slightly as expected but this took a bit of time for the simple reason that my files are rubbish (I must invest in a decent set) and I also had to file a bit from the trigger guard area as the trigger was a bit tight.
    The slide was also pretty tight on the frame but before removing any material I thought I would try lubing the rails first and then working the slide back and forward. I hoped this would do the job as I would prefer to remove as little material as possible in case of mistakes and thankfully it worked.
    While doing this I installed the stock inner barrel to avoid any damage to the chamber of the PGC barrel and after a bit the pistol was cycling very smoothly. (I did not use the barrel that is supplied with PGC Springfield kit but a standard black PGC barrel I had lying around)
    I reinstalled the PGC outer barrel and proceeded to test fire the pistol and the results were excellent. It wasn't until later that I realised the the barrel chamber was becoming quite badly damaged. When I removed the outer barrel completely the damage was even worse on the areas that are not visible. Obviously this was disappointing as I basically ruined the barrel (in my eyes anyway)
    I knew that most people reshape the areas in front of the chamber on the slide and sometimes the rear of the chamber area but I decided not to do this as it appeared the pistol was operating so well initially, I thought I had got lucky! The fact that I neglected to do this was the cause of my problem as the metal edges on these area are pretty sharp and they were catching on the outer barrel causing it to become marked and chipped. So basically Im looking for a new PGC black outer barrel, PM me if you have one please
    So thats some more experience under my belt, next time I will know to pay more attention to the inside areas of the slide and break out the files before any test firing but overall the whole thing went better than planned.
    Unfortunately I don't have a decent camera at the moment but I will try to borrow one soon and get some pictures up.
    At this stage Im a bit unsure what my next project will be, Im thinking maybe a TM Glock 17, a PGC Colt 1911 kit or a PGC Delta Elite kit.
    I'll think about this over the next few days.
  6. chris u'5
    As I mentioned in my previous entry, after several years of collecting GBBs I purchased my first AEG just prior to 1st October 2007.
    Strangely enough however I didn't actually fire my new rifle until January 2008! Due to work commitments my rifle lay in its box for several months but during this time I began the airsofters favourite pastime of upgrading and customising my gun.
    Its crazy how after spending several hundred pounds on a gun we then go on to spend easily double the value of the gun on upgrades and accessories until we get it just as we want it!
    Anyway, my new rifle gradually began to take shape and I finally found some time to take it out for a test run and to try on all my new gear but sadly this momentus occassion left me seriously underwhelmed.
    Stupidly on my part I think the AEG had become something more than it really was which is basically a toy. Of course I always knew it was just an AEG but after all the months of adding fancing accessories and tweaking and tuning it is quite easy to forget and get carried away. So I was obviously a bit dissapointed after pulling the trigger for the first time and found I was holding something that looked like a real gun and felt like a real gun but actually sounded like a sewing machine!
    Of course this was all stupidity on my part. The whole event had been built up too much but it made me realise that airsofting is just a hobby like any other which should just be accepted for what it is.
    It is very easy to become carried away and take the hobby of airsofting too seriously which is something that many of us are probably guilty of.
    This incident certainly helped me put things into perspective and slowly im trying to change my attitude towards all the 'must have' clothing and equipment available but its not easy. I have said before in the forums that I love reading the posts made by the guys who really know their stuff in regards to equipment and clothing, it actually makes my head spin sometimes but their knowledge and dedication is something to be admired. Sometimes I wonder if the actual soldiers using this gear know as much about it though!
    Obviously 'geardoism' is an aspect of airsoft like any other but I think the point I am trying to make is that you dont have to spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds on guns and equipment to enjoy airsoft (im doing my best to confince myself of this anyway)
    Just get out on the field and have some fun
  7. chris u'5
    When I get bored I often think I should take advantage of the blog feature here at Arnies but then I think "who would want to read what Im doing?" Well I suppose were going to find out.
    From a young age I have been around guns of some sort as it is pretty much a favourite family pastime. All my uncles own shotguns and air rifles of some kind. I actually have an uncle who shoots clay pigeons for Ireland and it was him that give me the shooting bug!
    It all started at the back of my grannies house just outside Derry when my uncle first showed me how to hold and fire an air rifle and I have never looked back since.
    Some of the best times of my life were spent shooting tin cans with my uncle on warm summer evenings and it is something I hope I can replicate with my nephew and maybe even my own children someday.
    This experience not only provided me some great times but it taught me how respect firearms and how to use them properly and safely. This is something I am very grateful for. Its a tragedy that many youngsters will miss out on such opportunities with the fear and scaremongering that is associated with shooting in current times.
    After a few years of harassing my father he finally caved in and purchased me my own air rifle when I was aged 15. The excitement of this event was mind blowing and I slept with the rifle next to my bed until it was time to get up.
    This was a sad day for the rabbits living in the vicinity of my house!
    I spent many years roaming the land with my dog and my air rifle putting the fear into the local vermin population until the rifle became an extension of my arm.
    During this time is when I first discovered airsoft. My dad would buy me an airgun magazine every month which included a one page review on an airsoft pistol. This really caught my eye.
    I eventually saved up enough pocket money to buy my first airsoft pistol and my father took me to the local gun shop to pick up my TM Glock 17 springer! I had a lot of fun with that pistol and it is still in my room at my parents house.
    As I grew older my priorities started to change and I gradually drifted away from shooting until around 2 years ago when my interest in airsoft was rekindled which pretty much leads us up to the present day.
    It was my intention initially to become a 'chairsofter' and I built up a collection of pistols but unfortunately this plan was shattered by the VCRA.
    My only option if I wished to continue with airsoft was to purchase an AEG which I did just prior to 1st October.
    Unfortunately my pistol collection has taken a back seat recently as I gather up all the things required to start skirmishing and I dread to think how much money I have put into my AEG but I guess when you catch the shooting bug you never get cured!
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