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  1. http://wem4guide.wikidot.com/maintenance Works for me.
  2. Done with a scrim net? Is the Wilcox mount RS? (Is that why you didn't paint it? ) It looks good though.
  3. Just so you guys know, I managed to pick up a Night Camo Smock which I am waiting on being delivered (thanks Shardik!) they only had small/medium which will hopefully fit but I am normally a large. If it doesn't I will post it for sale here on Arnies before returning it.
  4. Fantastic loadouts skyflash, mysl and tomo. Really great job. tomo, You'd be hard pushed to tell the difference between your pictures and the ones posted on the first page. Really well done guys, beers are on me Edit. I'm really sorry Shardik! I just saw your post now. Thanks for that link dude, it's much appreciated. I know those Night Camo smocks are oversized but just how oversized are they? Normally I'd be a large but I can only get a small/medium. Thanks.
  5. So will you help remedy all the problems I experienced after I parted with my hard earned cash? Poorly 'anodized' upper and lower receiver (green in certain areas), marked, scratched and damaged upper and lower receiver, missing front sling swivel and pin, scratched and paint worn front sight pins, missing forward assist button, missing forward assist spring, marked and scratched outer barrel, non-fitting CQB inner barrel and broken valve assembly? Yes, I did contact the retailer I purchased the rifle from (several times) but nothing was ever done. Why, after paying the initial
  6. "if there is so much help here why cant i find out why my c02 bolt carrier doesnt work but my green gas one does" Post number 1 and number 2. If that's your attitude are you really that surprised that no one has taken the time to help you??
  7. Honestly WETTI I'm not making a personal attack on you. Of course you are correct to promote your business in any way you can (I would do the same) My comments are more directed at the members of this forum who cannot see beyond that. You are a man who is trying to make profit for your superiors who will then hopefully pass that wealth on to you. As whosloosin has stated, it is more the "blind praise" that I am referring to. I can totally understand why you would be offended by my comments but please try not to take them personally (I realise it would be difficult not too)
  8. But has he??? Any airsoft company who wants to make a decent profit (whether they interact with the big airsoft forums or not) will soon realise the faults in their initial designs. I get the impression he is giving us the impression the we are making a difference when in reality it probably would have happened anyway. I'm probably a good bit older than the majority of the members on this forum and life has turned me into a cynic so don't listen to me... I'm just a grumpy old *bramston pickle* who now realises how hard I have to work for my money and as a result I expect mu
  9. But what I'm saying is that many people here seem to think he is doing it for our benefit... If you were involved from the start you will realise that there has been a lot of "I'll see what I can do " and a lot of loose promises but very little action. I think even the biggest fanboy will realise this if they are entirely honest with themselves and look back properly over the events of the past few months.
  10. In my own personal view all WETTI has done is to promote his product well. There seems to be a misconception around here that WETTI has done us all a huge favour by keeping us up to date with news and information regarding their M4 and upcoming releases but all he has done is what every sensible company would do and advertised and promoted his product directly to a mass audience. I think because this is quite uncommon in the airsoft world it has been viewed as being something revolutionary. There is no doubt it has created a huge amount of hype and interest but WETTI's methods are
  11. All this ###### coming from WETTI is causing nothing but confusion and frustration. You've made a rod for your back with all this version rubbish and affiliate ######. What difference does it make exactly? I would echo Otto's thoughts, if they got it and you want it, then buy it! Don't worry about anything else.
  12. FFS!! Congratulations, you have just ruined this page of the 1911 thread. At least re-size them...and take a look at the rules while you're at it. Very nice Wilson atz.
  13. Do you guys have any links to ebay sellers? It's one of my favourite camo patterns (even though it was shown to be useless )
  14. Sweet skyflash! Where'd you get the jacket?
  15. Looks sweet Drake. Is that black Krylon on the silencer tip or is it a blowtorch job?
  16. No upgrades so far mate. The grips are Herretts but I think it would look much better with a nice set of walnut grips. Your Sheriff parts look very sweet dude!
  17. But you can't get the 'Heavyweight'
  18. What's wrong with the steel version? It looks pretty good to me plus it is only $190 and with the improving exchange rate, that aint too bad.
  19. Well I can tell you where you can find a 'steel finish' version but you're gonna be very, very lucky to find the standard version.
  20. For the past few days I have logged on to Arnies each morning as normal but when I click 'view new posts' nothing is there! (I just get one of those Arnies error messages) Posts have clearly been made since the last time I logged on but I can only see them when I go through each section individually. It's probably to do with my computer rather than Arnies but I'd appreciate if someone could help me out with this as I've nothing to do over my morning coffee anymore Thank you.
  21. And I don't think you're gonna receive it anytime soon! According to their website they wont be back and up and running until August.
  22. TMC are a pretty good company, I've dealt with them many times without any hassle. The only thing I would say is to email them first and ask if what you want is actually in stock. This is the only bad part of their service as they don't always keep the website updated with the correct stock levels. But if they do have what you want you wont have any trouble with your order.
  23. The forward assist pin is quite hard to get out. As Nazio has suggested you need to punch it out from the bottom of the receiver to the top. It's best to do it with the correct tools i.e. a punch and a mallet.
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