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  1. Thank you RM But seriously the Signature grips really suit the two tone look of the pistol. Let's have a vote, who thinks beretta should use the Signature grips? Let the people be heard
  2. Why don't you get a real set of Pachmayrs rubber grips then? Sell the American Legends (someone here will buy them) and use the money to treat yourself to a nice pair of Signature grips
  3. It's a great looking pistol but I gotta say I really think it looks much better with the first set of Pachmayrs. Please put them back on
  4. Erm...how much more real do you want? The Norgon ambi mag catch at Horizon Tactical is designed for 'real' AR-15s.
  5. That may well be the shiniest Glock I have ever seen! Good work
  6. I thought you guts may be interested in this; http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=26765
  7. Brilliant picture raito! Good to see the guys just hangin'
  8. That's a nice comparison review. Thanks for the link Bangla.
  9. TQM was selling both versions. Perhaps your friend ordered the wrong one? If not, I'm sure the owner of TQM will sort it out if he contacts him. He's a very decent person.
  10. I had the same problem but I fitted it myself rather than contact them. 10 minutes with some 800 grit and some silicone oil fixed the problem, not before it got completely stuck though! It took all day to fix that problem.
  11. What about lower receivers? Was there not some discussion about those a while back?
  12. No shop ever has everything you want! Welcome to the life of an airsofter. On another note, has anyone heard anymore news about the aftermarket receivers?
  13. Lovin' your carbine junior! I really had no interest in Magpul rifles until very recently but I've really caught the bug Hopefully this thread survives, considering the current popularity of Magpul rifles I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures to keep it going. Good work fellas!
  14. Currently out of stock but... http://www.midwayuk.com/apps/eproductpage....leItemID=394843
  15. I don't own a Magpul hand guard but this is a common problem with standard RIS units. I have always found that black tape added to the correct places inside the hand guard always does the trick. Obviously I'm not sure how well this would work with your Magpul but I usually place some strips along the length of the RIS and also some inside the grooves where it comes into contact with the collar of the barrel nut.
  16. Yup. I'd like to know a bit more detail too please?
  17. Thanks for the offer but I was actually planning to do a review of the new WE charging handle myself. So your handle is tight? Have you tried oiling underneath and the sides of the CH? The Horizon CH did take a bit of 'breaking in' but lubrication really helped.
  18. I had to modify my CA RAS by widening the clamps slightly as they didn't fit over the gas tube, not difficult though. However the clamps did snap later which I think may have been caused by the mod weakening the structure of the clamps? What about G&P? Has anyone tried their RAS units on the WE? I can't see any reason why they wouldn't fit, can't hurt to ask though
  19. I can understand your frustration Midma. Looking at the picture you posted of your magazine, it has been used quite a bit!
  20. I don't really want to Krylon my M4 but I'd like that 'sandbox' look for my rifle:D I'd like to create the illusion of sand in all the nooks i.e. the grooves in the pistol grip, vertical grip, the RIS etc. Any suggestions on how to achieve this? Or would it be as simple as grabbing a handful of sand and rubbing it on my rifle!
  21. I wasn't suggesting you were lying Midma.
  22. Exactly what you are doing. Contact the retailer you purchased it from. There is no doubt though that externally many of the WE M4s that have been purchased are in far from perfect condition. Perhaps on some occasions this is to do with retailers but the same cosmetic faults can be seen on many of these rifles that have been purchased by people from all corners of the Globe. So to say "this has NOTHING to do with anything in the factory" is kinda hard to believe, of course on this occasion with Midma's rifle this may be true (it may the responsibility of the retailer) but it is qui
  23. Agreed. The Wiki guide contains pretty much everything you need to know when you are getting started. Consider it your Bible
  24. If I were you I would send him the pictures. I know it would be a hassle sending the whole rifle back from France to HK but he should really hook you up with a new magazine and forward assist.
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