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  1. Cool paint job; very AOR2ish. Nicely done
  2. Looks pretty good to me
  3. Stangace


    In "The Game," under the subforum "Sniping Haven"
  4. Cool set up. What shirt are you wearing in the third pic?
  5. I've seen pics of painted wood M14's in service. Can't find them now but I've seen a couple.
  6. See Moosey47's post on page 67 of the Navy Seals thread in the gear discussion.
  7. Stangace


    Beautiful twins. I've always loved wooded G3's
  8. Cool set up. EPC w/ TT .308 pouches?
  9. Wow, that would have made things easier for my friend
  10. +1 for the flippy floppies. Nice rig too btw
  11. Looks good. Any specific reason you cut off the handle? My friend actually did the same thing, I was just wondering what your motivation was.
  12. I actually really like that
  13. Looks cool, lovin that paint job Make/internals?
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