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  1. nothing like 6 tons of explosives to start of the year of the trojan horse
  2. it's so different now... (looks around like a proper tourist

  3. H...h... herro... yeah so, you're on your way to joining the ranks of the spartans huh... I haven't logged in in about like... 5 years? donno, maybe just 2. was just talking to jim about arnie's and OPMA, then suddenly felt like looking up this crazy place. Also, I'm not "from asia", haha, that's too big of an area. I got another one: Very glad our office has unobstructed panoramic harbour view. The chinese new year firework (about 6 tons of s'plosives) at 8pm tomorrow night will be awesome.
  4. A good workout, knowing I had done my best and stuff, like earlier today, makes me happy... Also, getting a good shot (photog') will have me blag about it, showing off etc, for days. If I can't get the above two, then peanut butter will have to do. (glenfiddich 18 years would be nice too...)
  5. I'd appreciate any ideas, but please provide more than one line. My idea is that we need something that gets attention from the general public, something you use that is "out in the open" perhaps, in the office you can use calendars, organisers, mugs (as has always been with promotions)... Them bottles that fit in bike racks. Ipod skins, but that's getting fancy and expensive. Postcards are a bit OLD fashioned but that DOES get "out in the open"... You see what I mean? I don't think this section gets read by 95% of the forums. Let's poll that... how many of us read this pa
  6. thinking out loud actually~~~ let's see if a summary of this thread would get better attention on news page at the front. Somebody get to the chopper and write something up... get a poll going, and make decision on what design patches/nametags/cards they want for arnie promo. But even if we went full steam ahead by magic and luck, nothing will be made soon. Christmas, new year and chinese new year is coming early - late Jan... So if any of you have a real idea of how to get designs done on adobe, a realistic estimate batch amount and how to get this idea across to peop
  7. only half serious, but just want to share my mad thoughts... Arnie's advent calendar, chinese new year calendar and fortune cookies! haha sorry Ipod and phone covers? dash board trinkets and furry... AEGs? ------- Will be able to get quotes on cards and velcro nametapes. Just need somebody else to head an opinion poll or make the decision on wording/design. Anyone have adobe illustrator? Anyway, cheap cheap here for cards and nametape, and in reasonable first batches with nametape. (yes I'm fine with paying first... not expecting money in return, I have use
  8. Calendars in various sizes, so you can have it at the desk or on the wall? LOL litre bottles that fit on bikes' drink holders, holdall/duffles... etc and just stencil or sticker things on. our own brand tea and coffee? Arnie's own single estate full bodied coffee bean... AA coffee, AA Assam, AA oolong... ahem ._. sorry. I just found out how much it takes to get cards made... roughly, not that we ALL suddenly want cards made. As we're like... internet age now. But cards are like 80 quid for a thousand at current exchange rates... Apparently my company's ord
  9. I'm reminded of the British weather when I think about this... I donno, brolly with various arnie designs? I know it'll end up being awkward or complicated to out-sourse or contract somebody to make or arrange, but it's an idea. Brit weather right? or random things for the car, so if you're picking up or dropping off mates that skirmish (or not) but don't use arnie's... they'll see that (hopefully) Again, my imagination takes things a bit far, but what about figurines that replicate the current cartoon design of "arnie"? keyrings/fobs, wallets, phone straps... designs may vary,
  10. lol did somebody think my goomba cost US$141? not even HK$
  11. and your new stash invokes much envy... I have to visit my uncle (like all Chinese people) in the US one day. he helps run a pistol gallery in LA or something... just not as heavily armed as certain other states apparently.
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