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    2 year ago
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    medium quality: G36C, Medium quality: M3 Shotgun, High quality: P99, High quality: M4 with shotgun attachment
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    Don't hate it, just Skate it!!
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    United States

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    find me
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    Airsoft, Skateboarding, paintballing, hunting, fishing, camping/hiking, surfing the web, playing soccer, playing video games
  1. AirsoftKid94

    Armalite collection.JPG

    I like the one with the scope sweet
  2. AirsoftKid94

    What's your backup?

    Walther P99 and a M3 shotgun
  3. AirsoftKid94

    SL8 boxmag 1.JPG

    Never mind there for the look
  4. AirsoftKid94

    SL8 boxmag 1.JPG

    Yoo are these real or is it just for the look. Yea i know I sound stupid
  5. AirsoftKid94

    AK machine pistol Beta mag.JPG

    Does that fire full auto or semi
  6. AirsoftKid94

    What's your backup?

    My M3 or a walther P99 or mabye even both
  7. AirsoftKid94

    What's your backup?

    A P99 and a m47 shotgun
  8. AirsoftKid94

    What's your backup?

    My back up is in the back of my vest is My M3 shotgun beside my pistols two glocks they are the S#!T
  9. AirsoftKid94

    What's your backup?

    Duel metal elcectric slide back pistols
  10. AirsoftKid94



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