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  1. My new Mayflower APC, finally after 2 months of waiting!!
  2. got the new OPS-CORE FAST helmet, I'll try and get up some pics.
  3. any new news on VFC's MP7 suppressor?
  4. I recently bought one of these 2nd hand and am having an issue. when i took off the orange flash hider and tried to attach the metal one that comes with it......it will not fit!! Anyone else have this problem with the metal flash hider??
  5. what's a good silencer to put on a TM MP7?
  6. Do any US retailers carry the Spectre DR scopes?
  7. Is that the Element PEQ setup? What brand Spectre is that? Great looking blaster!!
  8. tITELIST,

    where did you get your helmet dipped with the digi-desert pattern? I saw this on wannabe a while back, thanks.


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