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  1. I might be necroposting, but I like Ebairsoft. I've ordered a bunch of stuff from them and have never had an issue receiving what I bought. However, sometimes it took 4 weeks to get those said items.

     Glad you posted I was just searching for reviews on buying from them! Thanks !

  2. So after making my cheap chestrig, I was at Midlands Airsoft Fair today (MGC The Gaol) and I bought this for £10.cfa2678a4d7416630a41329112039af7.jpg



    Just lucky I guess nobody else wanted it, 5 minutes after getting it home I had the pouches swapped over to it.



    Very nice, also I found some PTS AK Midcaps (4 for £7 wow!)


    All in all a good day for bargins.



    NIce work Jim!

  3. I just got a G&D DTW (Mk18 Mod 1). It seems to be the latest generation, as it has the RWA hop up design but the buffer tube is not silver color.


    A couple first impressions:

    -It's solid but noticeably lighter than my PTW Mk18 Mod 1 (Mad Bull licensed rail). Most of the difference appears to be the outer barrel/rail

    -No wobble in the rail, very solid. More solid than my PTW with Mad Bull rail that I had to shim a bit

    -The DTW lower will accept both my 2007 and 2012 PTW uppers but the DTW upper will not go on a PTW lower. I suspect the PTW has thicker body pins. I will caliper later to confirm

    -Cylinders are interchangeable with PTW ones with no problems. Haven't disassembled the DTW one but so far good air seal and consistent FPS

    -Buffer tube appears AEG spec. My Magpul PTS CTR stock slides on it but I can't get the lock pulled far enough down to actually put it on properly

    -Solid sound when firing but I haven't done anything other than chrono. It takes all my mags (Systema, Celcius, Rampo PMAG) and bolt stop works as expected. The mag that comes with it is very light compared to a Systema mag

     What pushed you towards the dtw instead of the a&K? 

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