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  1. Anyone have pictures of the VFC AKM?
  2. Great minds think alike. Here is a pic of both of my sr47's...Lmk if you have the sr47 feeding and low fps problem. Ill let you know how to fix it.
  3. + 100000000000000000 Thats why I ran mine in the PEQ15 box, so I could use a mosfet. The trigger switch is gonna be FUBAR within a couple outings. My buddy ran one of his aegs with a lipo but no mosfet. You could here the arching of the switch at the end of a long weekend of playing.
  4. Different selector plate
  5. I dont know if you have been on sacair but on 1/4/09 there is gonna be a 100+ person game at the galt field Its gonna be EPIC.
  6. Everything is tight in the PEQ unit, but it fits. IMO a mosfet is mandatory with a lipo. I played with the PDW for 1 day without the mosfet and there is significant wear on the trigger switch. The trigger response is crisp"er" with a mosfet and the active breaking prevents alot of wear and tear on the gearbox. It took a few hours to get everything nice and secure but its worth it.
  7. Here are some pics of the "completed" gun. Here are some pictures of the battery/PEQ setup. I attached paracord to the battery so it could be removed easily without damage. I also removed the deans plugs and used these super tiny bullet connectors found here.. http://www.rcslot.com/pc-radio-control-slo...rs/EFLA248.html They are great for tight places and are gold plated. The mosfet and battery was a tight fit but its in there... Well, pretty much down with it, now its time to play!
  8. Gonna be using it this sunday the 14th. I need to get it field legal though. I still have not got the chance to snip some coils off the spring. The ROF is scary fast. Its actually unnerving.
  9. Received my black peq-15 and my Micro RDS. Here are some pictures!
  10. All sling swivels DO NOT WORK on the attachment point located on the lower receiver. The gearbox blocks the swivel from engaging securely. I remedied this by grinding material off the swivel itself, making it shorter. wAll swivels do however fit on the folding stock swivel receiver. The midcaps feed well but are not securely held with the stock mag catch. Pics with the balck vanaras peq15 will follow soon. thanks
  11. Sorry guys I dont think that that battery will fit. I made a mock up of one of the cells with the dimensions that ebaybanned provided. 12cmx2cmx.05cm = 4.7"x.80"x.20" The cell is too long and too thick to fit in the rail. My mock up is even thinner than the actual cell and I had to ram it into place. I would not even attempt that with a soft pack lithium battery. Here are some pictures. I have the battery pushed as far back in the rail as possible. The battery would be too thick to fit between the rail and the outer barrel and is too long as well.Fitting below the barrel is impossible.
  12. There is no point for a voltage meter. It only reads when the trigger is engaged. If the trigger is engaged you are shooting bb's. If you are shooting bb's how could you monitor the display on the side of your peq unit? As far as the foregrip, I position it where its comfortable for me not how "kac" displays it
  13. As soon as I get my black Peq-15 Ill post pics with it installed. I managed to stuff both a lipo and a mosfet with active breaking into the peq unit. Its actually a slick setup. The whole thing is QD. You plug in the AEG wires into the side of the peq unit and you are done. When its time to charge just remove the peq unit and plug it into the charger!
  14. Acronym Heaven!!! VFC KAC PDW $465+shipping from HK (you can get 10% off till Jan. from wgcshop) Included Accessories * M4 QD Silencer * 120 Rds Magazine * Short Type Fore Grip * PEQ Battery Case * 8 Inch & 10 Inch Inner/Outer Barrels * (3) KAC rail Panels * Front/Rear Flip Up Sights EXTERNALS 9/10 The Good. The PDW externals are very impressive. All the seems are tight and the fit and finish is second to none. The upper is comprised of one solid piece. The outer barrel assembly free of any movement and is secured to the u
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