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  1. The top RIS basically clamps onto the sight mount already on the gun by using screws.
  2. Hedg, you've got a talent with words ey It's just a piece of pipe with bubble-wrap on the inside, 'silencer' makes more of a boom sound though
  3. Could always gaffatape a bit of rag on the end.
  4. HERE CLOSE UP Fingers crossed the links work, it's real steel furniture
  5. Well now you know it works, knock yourself out.
  6. Dboys CASV yeah. Easy work to be honest, you just have to chop a little towards the rifle. Anyone know where to get an A2 style cocking handle? The black tri-angular one?
  7. Last time i checked up on here, putting my Aug up, it was a picture thread.
  8. Nothing new, JG and a nice little red dot. Simple and effective!
  9. Zmarre's post yes 1st shooter's no. It was a mistake, get over it. Going skirmishing this weekend so may have pics when i get back!!
  10. Just a 1 from googgle first page: http://www.trapperindustries.com/gunparts/index.html Hope that helps
  11. Here's an AtoZ SVD. Just brought the POSP too.. The Stock next to a real aged tree stump in the garden, nice colour similarity
  12. Patrolling the garden, holding the fort against the gnomes!
  13. I'm aware of that thanks. It just isn't too practical as it sticks out like a sore thumb. As weathering goes, patience is a virtue it's work in progress
  14. Didn't like the polished 1" thick gloss colour. So i guess i battered it. It's the KA wood i guess... ? Came with the gun.
  15. Hope this counts... RS Scope soon
  16. I just got something with wood furniture so I'm going to try this with my SVD. Cheers for the heads up on the techniques, they look amazing and it pays off! I'll get back to you with the results
  17. check out AI mag 2 months ago if interested in this. From memory it got 3/5
  18. Haha, i have that spare stock. I patched it up and i have used it out in woodland and it went all right. That looks brass, nice one john.
  19. If i wanted something quiet, i guess i would of brought a spring rifle? Purely cosmetic.
  20. I made a dummy silencer, looks a little like the one on the SD6 kit. Finally got the CLAW and waiting on the bi-pod to arrive The purple bits were because of a CD pen but have been touched up with black paint. All i used was a plastic pipe, foam pipe and the plastic circle from the center of a CD.
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