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  1. They dont subtract as such, they keep the count level.
  2. Just thought i'd post a quick ad, im selling my STAR L86A2 (LSW) for £400. Thanks, il try and get some pics up for the thread soon!
  3. Err.. attack of my sister's bedroom? I keep meaning to take pics when im at a skirmish, but i always forget! that pic was taken when i got back from cadets
  4. Im thinking of purchasing the blowback unit for my L86, let me know if its worth it please mate
  5. Can you point me in the direction of a review? I cant find one anywhere..
  6. Would this fit? 'GB16V25F-12-X Complete Mecha Box M120 $1,500.00 SYSTEMA 7mm Large Bearings Mecha Box with Systema Internal, for Marui M4A1'
  7. Can you advise what brand parts i buy, and where? Cheers, i dont mind a little upgrading! Would M4 barrel, hop, bucking etc fit do you think?
  8. Mmm, 'cos sarcasm is cool, ive resized it now, i didnt tick the box on imageshack. EDIT: Before i get flamed, spot the understatement.
  9. Me holding Paul (editor of AI mag)'s SCAR at Chobham yesterday I will be purchasing one before April if i get the funds, it really is a nice gun, not sure how it performs though.
  10. Not bad looking, although the mount is too high for my liking.
  11. Doesn't the dust like dissapear? I love it btw
  12. Ive found so interesting items on ebay uk before, cheap shotgun shell holder/sligns etc.
  13. I think it would be cool to have a forum (UK +USA?) for interesting airsoft items that are found on ebay, that is all Cheers.
  14. fatJoe

    Guess The Gun

    That polish rifle? Ahhh.. i forget the name. Or some AK varient
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