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  1. Bought a Glock26C off this chap, posted special delivery once confirmed i was a skimisher, very good condition, very please with it and the efficienty of the seller.

    would deal with again.

  2. Great deal on the TM M14 he was selling, really happy with it my end. Would definatly deal with again !

  3. Pleasure to deal with, nice and simple.

  4. lol, 'shame' hes not around any more.
  5. Nice guy to deal with, no problems :)

  6. I agree robbie, something just doesnt look right with the aimpoint on it, i think its the mount more than anything.
  7. i agree that not having to state an asking price was anoying. but i always found my items sold alot quicker over there than here, maybe because they were in the correct sections and not 5 pages deep.
  8. We dont mean seperate sections for each rifle, just a seperate section for all stuff sniper related. then threads will get stickied if they are of importance. The problem is question and answers are being buried in the 145 page thread and then keep popping up because the thread is to long to read through.
  9. TDS, your name was already mentioned but yes, basicaly a sub forum, with relevent posts stickied 'possibly closed' if need be, then moderators to clear the general threads that will then surface.
  10. I know R22 is like the head mod, but there must be somebody who comes on regulary that has equal power. i need to pm such mod bout some stuff.
  11. thats basicaly what were saying... a subsection within the game section to house all the sniper stuf.
  12. To follow up on the Chef, i to feel that we have a need for a dedicated section. Its been a while since this has been proposed and nothings come about. while i note that we have been moved into the game section we still have a stupidly long thread that is a mess, and hard to look through. It would not be difficult to set up a Sub Section within the game for the Perch, then setting mods, such as The_Chef, TDS, Myself, and TheBushman as we are the regular and well knowledgable people that spring to mind. The mods can then create the sticky sections with the_chefs ideas abov
  13. Maybe this is aimed more at the sales side, such as the way ebay does feedback. I still think the rep system should be used for sales only.
  14. i wont wash mine then unless they get really dirty lol
  15. how long before it starts fading? after how many washes?
  16. TheBauer


    LOL i hate it when that happens LJ last time i went i goted bout 5 hits and i shouted out hit, then as i was on way back to safe zone i realised not one hit me, even tho it was only from about 5m away i just assumed. that was a bummer as for the pain factor i think it all depends. point blank range they can hurt, but again its the sort of pain that goes after a few minuates. i got shot while marshelling once right behind where the VFORCE mask end, so it hit me in the back of the ear, the dude was bout 10m away, it was probably an accident but neither of them owned up to it, a
  17. TheBauer


    sorry thought it was arniegeddon not fat camp
  18. Sp true, ive owned both, (maruzen L96) and the Gspec is by far the better option' Deepeyes my mate opted to buy the zero trigger and he to had a nightmare fitting it all, when i got my Gspec i did the sears, you can also adjust the trigger pull to make it verylight on the stock trigger, personal prefernce i like to have to squeeze a little to get the shot off
  19. TheBauer

    3D Models

    nice gun runner heres my p99 which i made today and textured (took bout 4hours total) ive used photos of my p99 for the texture.
  20. TheBauer

    3D Models

    nice gun runner heres my p99 which i made today and textured (took bout 4hours total)
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