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  1. I have just requested and received a refund from paypal for an order I placed with thebeijingshop.com No queries or questions the claim was not contested and it was refunded in a matter of hours. I waited one calender month from placing the order for the goods to arrive and nothing. No reply to emails, No message saying items are out of stock, No apologies for late delivery. Spend your cash elsewhere my friends. Phil...
  2. A Month! What is it with UK retailers? Anyway at least you got what you paid for.
  3. 500fps@50mtrs


    Keep meaning to pop some pics in here so here's the first to remind me to get on with it.
  4. On the 20th of December 2010 my wife placed an order for a Black Shotgun Scabbard (AC148-002) from Cadetdirect.com The website has no indication that the product is out of stock and allows for the item to be placed in your shopping cart. The product description also says: Usually dispatched within 24 hours. Today on the 18th of January 2011 I spoke to one of the staff at Cadet direct. His name was Micheal and was not very helpful. He explained that despite the website saying that items are Usually dispatched within 24 hours in fact this means that they can send the items out whenever t
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