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  1. tomo


  2. tomo


    I'm using Froblube on my real steel .308 to try and smooth out the bolt action. seems to be working, although as others have said it works better when the parts are warm. There's a video on youtube showing a guy using a hair dryer on some of his pistol collection prior to cleaning.
  3. tomo

    H&K Picture Thread

    lol- back in the day that photo caused quite a bit of 'debate'. I copied the weapon shown in it for a CAG loadout i was doing as i thought the photo depicted a CAG operator. later on i read in a few other forums that the guy was in fact DEVGRU. i think opinion is still divided although i think more people favour the DEVGRU guess.
  4. tomo

    H&K Picture Thread

    can't being myself to paint it, although it did get covered in ###### for a photoshoot to try and get that 'used' look.
  5. tomo

    H&K Picture Thread

    my attempted copy of this setup: VFC416, Eotech 551, Dytac PEQ15, KAC sights, Surefire 660
  6. tomo

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    The game ran from friday night till sunday lunch time. The company that hold the event (Stirling) have an ongoing scenario that's been running for over a year now. An insurgency movement has infiltrated the local population living in the valley and have pretty much taken over. Gov forces are tasked with retaking the valley and capturing the insurgency leadership, not an easy task when you don't know who the insurgents are as they hide within the local population (strict ROE's are in force - you cannot engage any unarmed player, they are classed as civilian) . Gov forces are usually outnumbered as well so taking ground is one thing - holding it afterwards is a lot harder! We were tasked with a recon and OP role for this game, which meant a night time ascent (about 2500 feet) on Friday over very rough terrain to get into a decent overwatch position to start spotting activity within the valley come dawn. The play area is vast, so you need to know where the enemy is and what they are about before you can plan effectively. The weather closed in Saturday evening reducing visablilty to zero so we tabbed off of the mountain and joined up with the main element for the rest of the game. Its defo a physical challenge, especially this time of year, but well worth it.
  7. tomo

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Op Culverin 11th to 13th November 2011 (the entire valley you see in the photos below was in play)
  8. tomo

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Team Gray Fox at OP Hawkeye (yes, the entire valley was in play!)
  9. tomo

    Custom Gear

    Its a USGI ACU moisture wicking T-Shirt in sand color. I got it off of ebay. Go ask them dude - I wondered the same thing for weeks until I went in and had a chat with the couple that ran the place.
  10. tomo

    Custom Gear

    couple of things I got knocked up at the local dry cleaners.
  11. tomo

    1911 Picture Thread

    Shoots really well, its accuracy is amazing. The stock spring is a little weak and the spring guide is way too short which results in the slide wobbling around a little. If you're willing to spend some time and cash upgrading it then its definitely a pistol worth considering. I've got a very expensive Western Arms MEU (early version) pistol and the socom out shoots this easily. The socom magazines aren't that great IMO though, both of mine are slowly losing their base plates as the loading spring slowly pushes them out of the housing. There doesn't appear to be any way to tighten them back up, so its gonna be a case of glueing them back in when they get too lose.
  12. tomo

    1911 Picture Thread

    Socomgear Wilson Combat Elite (upgraded with 160% spring set, long spring guide and steel bushing set)

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