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  1. tomo


  2. I'm using Froblube on my real steel .308 to try and smooth out the bolt action. seems to be working, although as others have said it works better when the parts are warm. There's a video on youtube showing a guy using a hair dryer on some of his pistol collection prior to cleaning.
  3. cheers dude, yeah would be good to get a photoshoot together with tang. some of the other members of the team are looking into ussf loadouts as well so we might get a few of us together for some photos.
  4. lol- back in the day that photo caused quite a bit of 'debate'. I copied the weapon shown in it for a CAG loadout i was doing as i thought the photo depicted a CAG operator. later on i read in a few other forums that the guy was in fact DEVGRU. i think opinion is still divided although i think more people favour the DEVGRU guess.
  5. can't being myself to paint it, although it did get covered in ###### for a photoshoot to try and get that 'used' look.
  6. my attempted copy of this setup: VFC416, Eotech 551, Dytac PEQ15, KAC sights, Surefire 660
  7. They are not designed to have the battery replaced as they are in a sealed unit HOWEVER you can cut it open and replace the battery if needed. Are you aware that ebaybanned are bringing out copies of the V-lite? EDIT: or at least they were. Can't seem to find the link now.
  8. The game ran from friday night till sunday lunch time. The company that hold the event (Stirling) have an ongoing scenario that's been running for over a year now. An insurgency movement has infiltrated the local population living in the valley and have pretty much taken over. Gov forces are tasked with retaking the valley and capturing the insurgency leadership, not an easy task when you don't know who the insurgents are as they hide within the local population (strict ROE's are in force - you cannot engage any unarmed player, they are classed as civilian) . Gov forces are usually outnumbered
  9. Op Culverin 11th to 13th November 2011 (the entire valley you see in the photos below was in play)
  10. Team Gray Fox at OP Hawkeye (yes, the entire valley was in play!)
  11. This one? This was taken at a US Ranger open day a few years back.
  12. I remember some training photo's with alice gear being used alongside marpat
  13. Cheers dude. Kit list and another photo posted below kit List MICH 2002 ANVIS mount LPBP Anvis-9 nvg’s Shock cord and clips Peltor Comtac I headset Oakley M Frames Raid modified DCU shirt DCU pants / Crye gen2 knee pads Petzl Tactikka plus Mechanix Mpact Stealth gloves Foretrex 101 GPS Bellville desert boots 1st line Eagle ind. Duty belt Modified Safariland 6280 (black) 2nd line Paraclete Rav Paraclete M4 double pouches X4 Paraclete Frag pouch Paraclete smoke pouches X2 Paraclete GP pouch Paraclete MBITR pouch Paraclete hydrat
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