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  1. The ear's looking pretty good there... However... Ya rly.
  2. OOh, SEF grip on a MP5k... Nice
  3. You putty the trades? Nice work
  4. Orange, bakelite. RS looks like this: And as the plastic technology evoloved, they became plastic rather than bakelite
  5. Is that a tactical cod peice?
  6. The mag is not ment to look like wood, but bakerlite
  7. Also someone has allready converted a Mosin, check Red Alliance.
  8. *suitcasey* pics ( i need to get a new camera) Ala, Underworld: My 74m: And custom entry shotty that i'm still working on:
  9. Check my review, it's in the readers reviews section, more pics are there, if you feel the need
  10. Well you've all seen it before: But here it is again. *suitcasey* picture quality mind.
  11. *Insert joke about closet ak fetish here* Lovely guns
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