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  1. Hey killbucket, I was just making sure you got my order, haven't heard from you since I did, it will be under chris vxxxxgxxxt. Thanks, Fog 11-26 6:43 PM (order rec'd, copy on file). I am shipping this tomorrow morning. As I said, ghosts in the machine, but it's done!!! Yay!!! haha, alright awesome dude. 12-7 7:25 PM Hey killlbucket I was wondering if you could give me a little accurate estimate of when the browning should come? If you can thats great if your not sure hey thats fine haha. 12-12 7:25 PM UPS tracking# 1Z1022T90393040283 -I sent you an email on 12/9 Oh my bad, I must not have seen it, thanks a bunch man. Hey, i got the browning today and im very pleased with it. Thanks a bunch. 12-14 6:27 PM This Morning: Once again I ask you to just forget about this. I dont see the big deal about a video I forgot about that got little views and Taken down out of respect for you?9-8-2011 10:25 PM also I paid you good money, its not like I went to your house and stole your stuff9-8-2011 10:27 PM Deal with it, kid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ1cSalH7Oc The VERY ITEM he is holding, is in my vid, here on my glass dining room table. I was going to be amused, and move on. But when his "friends" started lying for him, and saying that they saw him make it, I got MAD. Source: Killbuckets Requiem: M2HB Airsoft
  2. Killbucket

    From: Killbuckets Requiem: M2HB Airsoft

    Mookie has admitted that he did not make the toy in his video. Mookie became a MAN today. http://www.youtube.com/user/MrFogAirsoft#p/u/0/dE2qQVWAccU
  3. Killbucket

    Big, Bad, GUNS!

    Assembly: M1919 slowly, but surely. M2HB is in process.
  4. Killbucket

    Shop Pics

    thanks! Here's a few in-process shots: Three M2HB's, two are for Colonel Oberon at Nepa-Airsoft. The M1919 (and another) are shipping out this weekend. The third M2HB is mine, all mine! They're all sitting on the ShopBot after a long, HOT day in the garage cutting parts. A trio of two's...ya know, I still have yet to build a twin setup? However, one of my customers has done TWO setups! The thee holes in the receiver front allow the barrel to be trued to the body: up/down, left/right. This was a fixed structure on my old designs. The new layout allows the entire barrel to come off and the receiver to be knocked back down. With this batch, I've now made over 50 M2HB's. Although I'm probably off on the actual count, I'm going to consider the "keeper" I've made to be THE "50th Fifty". Notice the assembled barrels in the background- these are now the largest parts of the assembly, but weigh half as much as my older designs. While a real Fifty Cal weighs a bundle, these only gain a lot of weight if you add it. Finished weight of the M2HB Model Kit is about 10 lbs.
  5. Have a look: My latest 1919 and M2HB Brownings, now available as model kits. And my new M2HB receiver snout is fully adjustable to the main structure. This design is NOT available as a pattern kit.
  6. Well, happy Saturday to anybody idle enough to be reading this. Surpise!!!! The 1919 Pattern is FREE TODAY for as long as...????????????? Pass the word if you must...
  7. What DETERMINATION looks like, to a Web Developer. Getting over 650 pages to co-exist without something showing up here, is a good feeling, after the 250+ hours it took to set up. 2.43 GB/day average is streaming out, wow! Seeing XHELI and other 'copter site ads scrolling onto the pages, a GREAT feeling.
  8. Killbucket

    18 hour days.

    Now building up the sitemap, and going back through the MANY mini-gun designs. The minguns will ALL become part of the massive miniguns how-to taking shape here: lots of sweeping yet to do, but have a looky, anyways. I've counted up about two dozen distinctly different multi-barreled creations that...I apparently built in the last few years (parts do get blurry with age). Now at 604 pages!
  9. Killbucket

    How's THIS for CAD?

    Concept. Constructed. More pics here.
  10. Killbucket

    Site is getting HUGE

    HAR...more like one-tenth finished! I printed out my site index...in 8pt font, it's over 100 pages long!
  11. Massive site index here! Nearly half-finished...I had no idea I was THIS sick! The copters entry point: Killbucket's copters

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