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  1. Hello, I was really into GBB until 3-4 years ago. I am looking to sell my GBB, but have not been successful. I have sold and traded on both classicairsoft.net and gasguns.info. This topic is very relevant to me. Thank you for posting. - Andy
  2. For those who have installed their own modifications on their GBB's, do you think installing more durable frame and grips is complicated? I've modified my Marui Tactical Master without much of a problem, but the TM M9 disassembly is rather simple. I'm curious, because I'm thinking of installing a new hammer spring and replacing the frame, grips, slide and outer barrel. Would it be wise of someone in my position to look into customizing my TM 5.1? If anyone has a disassembly guide on the TM 5.1 or knows of one, that would be a great aid. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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