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  1. My old G&G L85A1, that was a heavy beast, never found something with so much trigger pull since!
  2. Here are my old G36s, ill hopefully get a better shot of my new one up soon! Not very unqiue, but i loved them all the same Shame i dont have better pics!
  3. Was my Lavly P90 until a few weeks ago
  4. My AK-47 Grenadier, with a G&P GP-25 and a Tokyo Marui RDS
  5. Looks great, how many people turned up and played? Ive been looking at starting a vietnam loadout for a long time!
  6. Cute? CUTE!!! We play with toy guns, nothing is CUTE!! However i do find those kittens kinda.... Ok fine, cute
  7. thank you! i also find it amusing that my 'boss' told me i had to tell kids not to run in football cos if they fell over and cut themselves im not allowed to give them a blaster or such. Me being a 16 year old boy and them being 11 year olds, lord knows what sexual harasment charges i could suffer . For giving them a plaster. What i do think funny is that sometimes, soldiers who are wounded in action are liable for compensation, claims direct style lol.
  8. He has got a point tho, sure enough, after stalking the arnies corridors for a good couple of years im preety fluent in arnienglish, but if someone look on the the home page or just flicks thru and, in this terribly PC world, sees rape and abortion, what are they going to think lol? That said political correctness is killing this country, sure being racist, sexist ect is just stupid and shouldnt be done. Ever. but there does reach a point, when your just a bit, WTF? Anyways, PC, killing the world. Im a youth leader at a youth club, my girlfriend (11 months younger than me, we've been toge
  9. airsoft world do an RPK wood kit for £40, not bad i feel. I know a mate who stuck one on an AK, bought a drum mag and a bipod- looked great and was quite a bit cheaper! i believe it was a CYMA AK he built it off but i could be wrong
  10. I HATE EXAMS CoH should be a welcome break tho, so shud the music. Slaughtering Nazis to the sound of the The Killers, hehehe All products of a 'welcome back from hospital' shopping spree i went on with my girlfriend. My wallet hurts :S
  11. Its a bit boring but hey i like it
  12. My new CA36, im still debating whether i need that many mags
  13. Brand new Classic Army M15A4 S.P.C, wanted to customise it a bit but i have no idea what to do with it lol
  14. The MG42, The M240 and of course, the Vickers machine gun XD Also The MAT-49, for all you guys who wanna play 'the baddies' in a vietnam scenario, but dont like AKs http://world.guns.ru/smg/smg44-e.htm The G11 (http://world.guns.ru/assault/as42-e.htm). Looks like it belongs in star wars but it turns heads The OICW (http://world.guns.ru/assault/as40-e.htm). Need i say why? The KSVK (http://world.guns.ru/sniper/sn50-e.htm). So those with a terrorist load out can have outragous sniper rifles as well
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