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  1. As title says i keep getting a driver error in the WE M&P gas pistol reviews thread, link below. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/207012-we-mp/ Any one else having the same problem? Be really nice to access it as ive just ordered an WE M&P lol Cheers
  2. Cant compare them because i never had the RICAS, but what i can tell you is that my chest is bigger than 44 inches and the DCS fits fine. And at a wild guess i would have to say the DCS would be smaller than the RICAS (but only marginally).
  3. Took some inspiration from this page and also the PX4's that come in two tone, thought it looked pretty good so i tried it myself with the results below.
  4. Cheers TBH no, its a bug's nadge away from interfering with the mag release. I think the photo makes it looks like it does, but it just clears it. Im never buying anything else but WAS gear now, excellent quality, fair prices and comfortable, what more could you ask for......
  5. Not posted in ages but here goes WAS DCS 2 x WAS triple 5.56 mag pouch's 2 x WAS Utility pouch's WAS single 5.56 mag pouch WAS Hydration Carrier + Hydro Pack tube cover in multicam flavour PX4 BlackHawk Serpa holster Think that's it..... Cheers
  6. Couple of photos of my G&P Magpul Sentry with its new DD 12" rail system.
  7. This is my latest incarnation of my Sentry. Started life as a standard G&P Magpul Sentry. It is now fitted with: Multicam MOE PTS stock Multicam MOE PTS grip DYTAC Multicam rail covers Magpul MOE XTM covers ACM MS2 sling ASAP plate ACM 552 G&P 14.5" outer barrel 6.03x363 tight bore inner PTS PMAGS Quick question though, need some help. Im wanting to fit a Noveske free float RIS unit, this one http://www.madbullairsoft.com/English/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=22_24&products_id=192 only problem is ive heard G&P upper receivers can have compatibili
  8. To be honest i just wipe the thing down every time i get home from a game and that has kept the rust at bay (must be lucky lol) As for batt's i use HimH's more specifically these bad boys http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/gandp-9-6v-1600mah-ni-mh-battery-twin-t-shape.html The only thing that annoys me about the sentry (and this is more my fault in the fact that i still haven't started using lipo's) is the battery change's, bit of a pain tbh. Cheers
  9. Had mine a year now and it still perform's. Ive recently installed a 14.5" G&P outer barrel with 363mm tightbore and new G&P hop rubber. Ive owned approx 8-10 AEG's and this is the best by far for an all round performer. Updated picture.
  10. As said above it's a bog standard G&P M3 nothing special lol
  11. I love mine, quality little pistol from TM yet again : )
  12. Thanks jables, i shall try that over the weekend
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