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  1. A "fund"? I apologize for being a bit cynical, but you made sure it wasn't a scam first....right?
  2. I never knew the Germans had a Dance Dance Revolution era. Remarkable.
  3. *wipes tear from eye* That's beautiful.
  4. Seeing that full stock M3 has clinched it. Tighter than an OCD's buttcheeks at an ADD convention. M3 Super 90 + G&P stock + shotgun vest = heaven.
  5. Don't quite remember you, but I should be at Evergreen next week. As for my SR-25 I sold it to a friend of mine. I plan on using the money to upgrade the guns I've got and get some gear or get an AK or H&K variant. Preferably that KSC HK33K when I get the chance. My airsoft taste aligns with my (eventual) real-steel taste, but the only real-steel I personally own right now is a WWII era Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk.1. When I do get some real money I plan on getting a Sig P226 or P229 in .40 S&W for "duty" and an M84FS for "off duty". Can you guess my career choice?
  6. I didn't say it was uncomfortable for me, but compared what I normally play with its itty bitty (P226 with LAM and my wheelgun) and its actually a bit smaller than my smallest gun, the H&K P7M13. Like I told my friend, "compact" is a good word for it, though I agree it fits rather nicely in my hand. I love it so far. Plus I was expecting it to be bigger when I ordered it so it was a surprise when I opened the box today. "That's small!" I made a similar size miscalculation when I bought a S&W M29 (Tanaka). Mahoosive, as Airsoft Scotland would say. Wasn't quite exp
  7. Ever played NOLF 2? I've got the Beretta M84FS with suppressor (the "McAllister") now I just need myself the wood grips and the set'll be complete. A teeny weeny handgun for a feller like me, but its rather nice. [EDIT]: Forgot to credit the picture to NolfGirl. I'll get pics of my M84 when I get a working camera. Oh, and its presence in the game is an anachronism. I'm fairly sure M84s weren't produced until the '70s.
  8. Kukailimoku

    M1 Garand

    Wow. *fruitcage* A that's hawt.
  9. Haha! My first car was a shiny bluish purple.
  10. That was my first choice for a vehicle, except the newer version was more my style. Too bad I went with a truck.
  11. Can you two knock it off or take it to PMs? This is here for pics of our rides, and we really don't need it to be cluttered up with flames. Thank you.
  12. Kukailimoku

    lr 300 pics

    That LR-300 with the M203 looks absolutely fantastic.
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