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  1. Kukailimoku

    Never be the first to fall asleep after a night out!

    Here we see the male human marking his mate so that the other primates will know who belongs to who.
  2. Kukailimoku

    WRAF's On Det. Interesting.....

    Somewhere, far away in a damp dark cave surrounded by Vietnamese villagers....Marlon Brando is whispering, "...the horror...the horror..."
  3. Kukailimoku

    Any problem can be solved with the correct amount of force.

    Here we see Emmett Johnson of the MOD medical research division testing out the new long range suppository delivery device. Unseen is the oblivious test subject who is currently bending over to pick up a conveniently placed 20 pound note.
  4. Kukailimoku

    ok...this could be a sticky situation.jpg

    "The gardner was surprised to learn that Russians really don't mind if you've just *beep* yourself out of fear."
  5. Kukailimoku

    i repeat there are no americans in iraq.jpg

    "HAH! They could NEVER flank us!"
  6. Kukailimoku


    That's f'in nice right there. Is it the G&P?

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