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  1. Call me crazy, but I put flashbangs. -Mike
  2. You find me the words "FOR SALE" in "PICTURE THREADS" and I'll give you my car. -Mike
  3. Thank you all SilentScope: group hug? poorieuser: the pouch on the far right is a Emdom 6o4 -Mike
  4. Yessir it is, I'll take a better pic of it tomorrow when I get some good light. I got it a while back through a friend in the Army. -Mike
  5. I mean the universal one. I have a 6004 for my dedicated weapon, but I want a universal holster for days at the range where I get to play around with different sidearms. Please, dont teach me about gear MJK looks different depending on the light, and I assure you, that the platecarrier is Eagle Khaki (MJK) Not a single piece of repro. Eagle, BHI, TAG, Spectre, Safariland, HSGI, PPM, CamelBak, Paraclete, TacticalTailor, BlackWater, PACA, DBT, STS, Maxpedition, Hatch, SSC and Emdom. Aerial photographs courtesy of NasaSpaceImaging. -Mike
  6. Systema PTW-MAX M4A1 with EoTech 552.A65. Upgrades en-route. -Mike
  7. -Eagle PC-w/C MJK L/XL -STS Admin panel MJK -Emdom CQB M4 Coyote X4 -Emdom 6o4 Coyote -Emdom BOMB with Grobes Coyote -TAG MAP Coyote -Peltor ComTac's -USGI IR Tan flag The pouches are from my CIRAS, put the on the PC cause I was bored. -Mike
  8. Where did you get that holster? -Mike
  9. Danke But the irony is strong with the PTW, since instead of selling them...we invest in them.... -Mike
  10. You should see a doctor about that, cause really, the PTW is NOTHING amazing, it's not even good. It's a friggin money pit. Batteries are expensive and must be Systema. Mags are bloody expensive and must be systema. The receiver is'nt made from top quality materials, and looks ###### compared to a Guarder receiver. Accuracy is utter *beep*, and after spending $250 on a custom barrel, its now average. -Mike
  11. +1 on www.systema-ptw.com, that's where I got my MAX -Mike
  12. Somone please pass me a mop before the sarcasm floods us all -Mike
  13. That charging handle looks like a PRI Gas Buster. -Mike
  14. Or track one down in CoyoteBrown. Khaki is like tan with a little Olive Drab (but this varies depending on lighting conditions) -Mike ™
  15. I have CIRAS for sale yes, Eagle it be. MJK, good price, good price. (at your house within 10days or your money back) -Mike ™
  16. Very small production runs every now and then. -Mike ™
  17. Cheapest BDU's made from the Crye material are $160 for a pair (PANTS, SHIRT), then we have the BDU's featured in GhostRecon (SHIRT, PANTS) for $275. -Mike ™
  18. On one hand, I love Multicam and want some bad cause it just plain works and looks cool. On the other hand...they do call it airsoftpat cause no units use it. Might pick up a set of Crye Combats for the summer as the Combat shirt is pure genius. -Mike
  19. I got an XBOX360, Titleist lost an XBOX360. Coincidence? NONE!! *runs* -Mike
  20. Holy ###### that is just beautiful! -Mike ™
  21. Where can I get the furniture for the Beryl? (stock & foregrip) -Mike ™
  22. Ordered one and was quoted with a insane waiting period, gonna get a Microtech QD Scarab instead -Mike ™
  23. Way to cheer him up florian -Mike ™
  24. I am surprised when I look at your avatar Moriquende: Tis a little more than I want to spend on a car right now -Mike ™
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