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  1. TBH, I was "this" close to getting one, but Titleist told me not to -Mike ™
  2. You have a sad life then Cheers, Mike ™
  3. Crazy theory you got there. Cheers, Mike ™
  4. Get that finger of the trigger Jagdraben!! -Mike ™
  5. [too lazy to read page2&3] Mike want rep system for sales! [/too lazy to read page2&3] Cheers, Mike ™
  6. I have spoken and used the Systema PTW together with many active duty LE/Mil guys, and all say the same: "they want how much for this toy?" Instead of a professional training weapon for Military/LE personnel, it's a gucci toy for airsofters and a training weapon for people who are too incompetent to handle a real weapon. And yet I love mine, ooh the ironing! Cheers, Mike ™
  7. 1) The accuracy is BAD! I have problems hitting a can @35yards with a M130 cylinder 2) Only one person that I know of makes these custom barrels, they are over $230 a piece+shipping Cheers, Mike ™
  8. Nod is right. There is co-operation between countries on all levels in Iraq, from unit maintenance and supplies, to regulars to specialforces. Cheers, Mike ™
  9. And that costs HOW much? $235? Cheers, Mike ™
  10. Racal Cobra? Cheers, Mike ™ EDIT: Forgot to edit out the pic
  11. Send a PM to HaVoC, he has a Eagle CIRAS-MAR-OD size medium. Cheers, Mike
  12. Looks awesome sturgis! Cheers, Mike ™
  13. Quick! Someone post pics of their weapons before Rhinowski® returns with his Ban-hammer™ Cheers, Mike ™
  14. Nah, a MilSpec product is a product that meets MilitarySpecifications regarding construction, durability has been tested by the Military. The gearbox can be constructed with MilSpec material or with MilSpec technology, but it is not MilSpec. I'll get my coat. Cheers, Mike ™
  15. How can a toy gun mechbox be milspec? Cheers, Mike ™
  16. You mean ACU cut, right? Cheers, Mike ™
  17. 1. STOP quoting pics FFS! Edit the pic out, make the tag a tag! 2. Pic size limit is 800X600pixels, as stated HERE Cheers, Mike ™
  18. My vote is that the guy is a USAFSOC CCT embedded with the 101'st. With what do I support this claim? -irregular more elite gear -no 101'st patch -rare weapon -ACU (it's called not standing out) Cheers, Mike ™
  19. As able95 said before, it's a foliage green IR reflective US flag. Key word here being "reflective" meaning that it will look light green when looked at a certain angle with light on it. Cheers, Mike ™
  20. Nodbugger, you are a VERY funny person I dont know where you get all that information, sounds like ChairForce to me. Cheers, Mike ™
  21. But that would be sooo not Saddam Insane. Cheers, Mike ™
  22. Your welcome. Let me also say that soldiers wear camo BDU's to conceal themselves within the environment. Cheers, Mike ™
  23. 1. SpecialForces units are given more freedom with their gear choices 2. A SpecialForces operator would sometimes want to blend in with a regular unit he is assigned to, so he wears what the others wear Cheers, Mike ™
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