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  1. Apart from what Sadigh said, this is not a air-rifle forum and it's not legal to talk about the as they are over the forum power limit. Cheers, Mike ™
  2. Donnie, I wonder on how many Government possible terrorist watch lists your on Cheers, Mike ™
  3. No fair Crandall, you changed your avatar back around Cheers, Mike ™
  4. Discovering that feminine side eh? Cheers, Mike ™
  5. Close, all WA guns are full plastic. Cheers, Mike ™
  6. Me thinks flag should be on right arm only, reversed ofcoarse. But the loadout looks great, I'll be getting my set soon. Cheers, Mike ™
  7. List: Emdom M4 CQB double pouch X6 Emdom 6o4 Pistol pouch X1 Emdom Utilishingle small X1 Emdom Reflective tape+velcro kit TacticalTailor MALICE thingies Xlots Big thanks to Ken at Emdom for such a speedy delivery. Cheers, Mike ™
  8. I call both PTW's and the CIRAS. Cheers, Mike ™
  9. Thank you! One more thing on the Crye MultiCam. The sizes produced are random, there is no Large and Medium batch, there will be a bit of every size. Cheers, Mike ™
  10. There is a production run now for Crye Field pants and shirts, ETA is end of month. Combat pants and shirts are due within 2months. Cheers, Mike ™
  11. Real plates are LE/Mil only and run about 250-400Euro for a single plate, unless you are in the USA. EDIT: Just in, yay! ARMS #22M68 mount. Photo courtesy of my piece of *beep* camera, which will be FUBAR'ed next time I'm at the range. Cheers, Mike ™
  12. There is only ONE brand of MultiCam: Crye. This includes Crye Field/Combat pants/shirt, ICE Tactical shirt/pants & SKD Tac shirt/pants. The rest that is below 140bucks per set is MultiScam. And yes, Crye is paying me. Cheers, Mike ™
  13. G&P USMC Bunch sling? KingArms Tactical Bungee sling? Action bungee sling? (all three are identical) Cheers, Mike ™
  14. Tan gear works better, but best and most universal is Coyote, as it works with everyother camo around, not just airsoftcam. Cheers, Mike ™
  15. Teh sechs, makes me want a G36 real bad. Cheers, Mike ™
  16. No velcro on the flaps? My newest acquisition, TacticalAssaultGear MOLLE Assault Pack in Coyote: Comes with a Source hydration bladder. The pack is big, takes up the whole rear on my CIRAS. Cheers, Mike ™
  17. The small pouch is a Emdom Small Utilishingle, available HERE Cheers, Mike ™
  18. I'd trade my BW IO belt for a ICE Tactical belt. Why? Adding holsters or droplegs is a pain and I need to spend $15 on Emdom hangers, and cut the strap on my 6004 which means it would be too short to use without the IO belt. Teh suck. Cheers, Mike ™
  19. Your thinking of the ICE Tactical MOLLE belt. Cheers, Mike ™
  20. It's a Troy BUIS. It does, but it's not really bright enough to be noticable in daylight. (used one) Cheers, Mike ™
  21. Replicatastic. Cheers, Mike ™
  22. I hate you. Bad. Cheers, Mike ™
  23. The holster needs to wear in, leave the weapon inside it for some time. Cheers, Mike ™
  24. RangerGreen Cheers, Mike ™
  25. I was thinkin of the ExtremaRatio Fulcrum C (short one). Dammit, that thing is in a shop near me...must resist.........argh.... Cheers, Mike ™
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