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    5 nov 2006
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    Ak47 m4, glock18 and now a VFC ak 74SU and M15a1,prime LR300,M700.
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    its no use drying your tears youll just be crying again soon.
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    Reading, going out on shoots, cars, football etc. member of airsoft ireland,oh and guns and guns and........team north in belfast.
  1. Great seller,good comms,keeps you on top off whats happening.Hope to deal with again.Thanks.

  2. Great guy to deal with,hope to do bizz again some-time,Thanks.

  3. Good guy to deal with looking forward to working again sometime.

  4. bubs

    team north

    all the lads
  5. Great guy to do biz with,lets have more up front guys like this.

  6. Great seller,good guy to do Biz with.Hope to work with you again,THANKS,BUBS.

  7. Great review,but it still brings a tear to my eye,these clones are making the good guys move from the "real"gear,im seeing more of them every time im on site.I LOVE MY VFC and they cant touch it.But you carryed the review very well.
  8. Great guy to do bizz with,made the deal go hassle free,would work with again.need more guys like this.THANKS.

  9. Great guy to deal with... I hope to sell more kit to him. Recommend to anyone...

  10. Great guy to deal with,thanks very much,what a bargin.

  11. Good guy to deal with,we need more stand up guys like you in this game,THANKS..BUBS..

  12. Good guy to deal with,no messing about.THANKS

  13. Right back at you mate! Awesome buyer, very friendly which made for a smooth sale. Definately Recommend!!

  14. Great guy to deal with,THANKS,BUBS.

  15. A great guy to deal with,hope we get more like him,THANKS.BUBS.

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