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  1. Accessory/Make: G&P / specna arms Condition: used Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/NPrice/Payment: £30Pictures: belowClear out of my parts box, G&P outer CQBR barrel with Specna arms front-sight, delta ring, gas tube and grips (as new), please bear in mind barrel has CW thread but I will endeavour to find an appropriate flash hider, simply not needed so up for sale
  2. Make: CymaGun/Model: M14 EBRAccessories: 2 hi caps, 1 mid cap, scope mount, moe vert gripCondition: usedFPS: 425Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/Maybe/NoPrice/Payment: £220Pictures: belowPicked this up and decided to DMR it up, I haven’t went full hog and it’s only restricted mechanically By removal of the selector arm, internally it has been full stripped, cleaned, reshimmed, Airlab sorbo pad fitted, new full cylinder, AOE corrected, Guarder M130 spring, ZCI high torque motor (22 tpa) ZCI 407mm 6.02 tightbore, full new wiring loom using Airlab 16 AEG MPPE wire. All other parts are standard cym
  3. Make: FMA/earmor/night evolution etcCondition: as new, never used in anger Size: L/XLSplits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/NPrice/Payment: £110Pictures: belowAfter watching too many episodes of SEAL team I decided to build this up for use at the local indoor site (the depot, Glasgow) but the site has now closed and I’m only really playing woodland sites, so this is surplus to requirements the Earmors were grey and have been sprayed to match in betterthe helmet is amazing, very heavy weight and solid construction, has all the angular Velcro attached under the cover what you get in the package FMA sup
  4. not the greatest picture but here is my WA kimber swat custom 2 i built this before WA reralesed there production models (gutted)
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