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  1. I ran mine using a 7.2v custom battery and it has stripped 3 teeth on the piston in no more than 1500 rounds so no it won't solve the problem
  2. Bad luck with the gun mate. That metal quality looks horrible though. Owning an M190 i would rate it very highly for people who have asked on this thread.
  3. They are gonna be pretty tough i would'nt worry about it. It should come with a hard carry case and protective sleeve for transporting / storing which is where it is more likely to get broken.
  4. Fareast covered this in the review, "The inner barrel looks like a generic barrel, but the inner diameter of the barrel is 6.05 mm negating the need for a 3rd party tight bore barrel, unless you want a 6.01 or 6.03mm but for an assault rifle your not going to really need it."
  5. Would be good for someone to do a full conversion kit for it. Spacer / Piston / Head / Sector Gear all in one kit.
  6. You got both for that ? Due to the fact they took so long ? Don't think i could wait for something being in the post that long! hehe
  7. Where did you get yours from? Also living in the UK im loathe to pay £370 when the rest of the world seem to get them for $420 ( around £210 ). UNComoany and WGC have them in i see.
  8. Wow... i think i have just decided what i'm getting next! Was after a complete reliable woodland rifle in place of my dodgy R85. This fits the bill! It looks incredible. Many thanks FarEast, once again a superb review!
  9. Still having issues with mine although unique to any i have read here. Fires fine on semi auto, switch to full auto and it seems as though it is "over" selecting auto and will not fire properly. Repeated trigger pulls are required until it finaly gets off one full cycle and from then on it will work until i switch back to semi.
  10. Well i took mine for it's first skirmish today, until now i had just fired it in the fields to test it and had a few thousand rounds through it. First game absolutely fantastic, powerful and accurate with nice range. Second game fine. Third game it developed a fault on auto. If i go to single fire mode it will work fine with no problems. I switch back to auto, pull the trigger and all i get is a tiny little whir of the motor and not a lot else. Repeatedly pulling the trigger about 10 times and it will fire a shot off eventualy then after that it is ok. Any ideas?
  11. It's been said before and even in the R85 manual the semi is not a fault it's part of the way the gun is designed. Due to the pre-cocking afaik.
  12. I use a custom 3700mah battery purchased from Pathfinders. It was an absolute pig to get into the foregrip and required some "modification" but once it's in there it needn't come out as you can charge it in-situ in the gun. Provides plenty of juince The silver battery is a NiCad battery though iirc so be sure to completely discharge it before you re-charge it. They have a "memory" so if you keep recharging without it being completely discharged you will damage the life of the battery.
  13. ASW said a lot of things about this gun and other retailers to make themselves sound better imo. They said there's would ship in a brown box for example and these would be "far superior". As far as im concerned they are the same gun with a revised cocking handle.
  14. Just thought i'd add that my R85 from the 1st production run is still working fine. Had a few thousand rounds through it, won't be able to field skirmish it for a month or so.
  15. Good to hear there are good reports coming in. The majority of bad reports on this thread are from people who don't even own the gun but are rubbishing it.
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