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    Ashbury Aw 338. A&K m60. Tm recoil AK. G&G warthog. LCT G3 hpa. Tanaka G33. ASG Sten, King Arms Thompson. Some pistols and other bits and pieces.
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    God help preserve me from Needy Airsofters.
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    Worthing Airsoft
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    Several species of small furry animals, gathered together in a cave and grooving with a Pict.

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  1. www.march4honour.com

    1. maverick0048


      Hello Jimbo. Thought I'd better drop by and get aquainted. C U next Sunday at Worthing. Have to say, what a great day out!!!

      Cheers, Les (Terry's mate from Ford) AKA Maverick

  2. Apologies for going off topic, and Mods pls remove if you think necessary, but with hindsight should we have kept a few of the SLR's for the "DMR" role? I'm only a civve that airsofts, but I've target shot air rifles and .22 rimfire, so I have a basic understanding of shooting accurately at range. Can any of you guys with realtime military service please tell me if the old SLR would be of benefit to troops in Afghanistan at the moment? It certainly seems to be a comfortable weapon to accurately lay down long range fire, with a 7.62 full stopping capability. I understand the SA80 was the weap
  3. I've finally got hold of a KA L1A1, and was wondering if anyone has attempted to fit the wooden furniture to one? I've seen the parts on Ebay but I'm going to pop in and see a local gunsmith to see what he can get hold of and any advice he can come up with. I appreciate i'll have to hollow out the stock but might switch to lipo batteries to save space. Any thoughts or advice would be very welcome.
  4. At last I managed to get the old fart online!

  5. Top bloke, diamond geezer and one I can call at 3am and get me home!

  6. Top Airsofter, a good example to others ;)

  7. Top bloke and one who puts as much into airsoft as I do. Rather handy as a skirmisher too.

    Big up alpha one :)

  8. Regimental Beserker, if I need a position taken, this is the man to do it.

    Top Geezer

  9. Thoroughly decent chap, I wish there were more people like Ben in Airsoft. Top bloke

  10. A top bloke, one of those few responsible for me starting airsoft all those years ago. Diamond Geezer :)

  11. The guy that inspired me to start airsofting. A proper gentleman!

  12. A good bloke and a keen airsofter. Thoroughly decent chap :)

  13. A fine exapmple to others of fair play honesty and self control. It's a pleasure to skirmish with this man :)

    Big sexy bear :)

  14. Thought I better add a constructive comment to your profile sooo Top player, top marshall, top bloke and a fairly decent human being too.

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