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  1. Thanks again to Squad 701 for delivering me this nice kit It is still WIP but here are some details about the SAI MK-25: RS spiral firing pin retaining pin (cutted) RS grip screws RS support plate RS take down lever nickel RS magwell grips RS main spring seat Todo: New sights (don't know yet which, RS ones won't fit without heavy filling and drilling, however RS front sight works with minor filling, as you can see on the MK24) RS magwell grips Get the take down lever black or buy the black version Replace the action spring guide rod with Guarder black version Oh an
  2. mo3rk

    USP Picture Thread

    Let me introduce my new HK45 project that I just started
  3. mo3rk

    USP Picture Thread

    The Detonator might look better, but has the wrong serial number.. And the steel slide has far better details and the correct 27-XXX serial.. look at the rear end for example.. here a picture of the real deal
  4. This won't work on a GBB because the valve won't close and all the gas would go off.. On the RS it would prevent the shell from beeing ejected (in combination with subsonic ammunition pretty quiet), there was a similar function on the MK23 prototyp.
  5. If it was the auction I think it was then i believe the seller said something about 99 Euros or so.. I think he also mentioned it was done by Waffenbeschichtung Nord
  6. Has your Sig phosphated controls? And is the barrel top polished? I'm just curious because the MK25 has an all black barrel like all new Sigs.
  7. Yes there are some with SIG ARMS(T) P226 on the slide without anchor. With a U 2xx or 3xx serial on the frame and german proof marks.. But the slide is still the newer stainless one. I have pictures if they are wanted.. It actually looks like a frame of a carbon steel slide Version equipped with a stainless steel slide. But all the newer ones with SIG SAUER P226 on the slide seems to have the anchor. With a U 5xx, 6xx or 7xx serial on the frame and no proof marks. But frame made in Germany on it. The flat takedown levers a common until the U 6xx models i think.
  8. U serial number on the frame? Or civillian NSW markings? Oh and on the slide SiGARMS INC. is correct, not SIGARMS INC. I think that's an interesting fact because on the frame it should state -SIGARMS INC. EXETER NH-
  9. Made further progress with my 226 The lighting conditions yesterday were good so I took this picture. It is a PGC Navy Kit with a second PGC slide I got years ago. The slide used to be electrochemical polished but is really dull right now and looks (depending on the viewing angle) more like stainless steel. Bigger Version:
  10. Sort of The white line is filed off to. Need to fill the holes with filler or something The PGC old style kits did and still do, at least the rear sight. But I don't like the look of the carbon steel slide, so I had to build my own
  11. PGC Navy Kit + Standard PGC Slide (got that from boomarms years ago) + Guarder controls (except Magrelease, won't fit the PGC frame) Sights are standard Marui (drilled front sight + sawed off rear sight) Grips are RS Altamond Equinox To-Do: Hardchrome slide and controls + refinish frame
  12. Wow the color of your Sig looks nice There are indeed at least 3 different slide versions of the Sig P226. 1. The one from the newer PGC Kit with the sharp edges at the rear of the slide and vertical finger grooves on the frame. Those are early 80s Models.. 83 or 84 till 86. 2. The one which is replicated in the Prime P228 Kit, smoother edges at the rear of the slide and horizontal finger grooves on the frame. 3. The newer stainless steel version which is in production since 1996. The new slides aren't parkerized anymore (which isn't possible because of the stainless steel), but the
  13. Yeah there are two versions of the carbon steel P226s. The one from PGC is the early 80s version. There is a newer version, wich Prime replicate in it's P228 kit (take a look at the top of the slide near the back.) The Prime kit is almost perfekt, except the take down lever and grips.
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