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  1. dobey

    M14 Picture Thread

    I cant tell any difference and I am using an 8.4v battery. It has always been pretty good on this gun and after the mods it feels the same. I have my own chrono so I tend to test everything I do to the gun and I used to shoot +/- 10 fps with an odd stray in there once in a while, now it shoots +/- 3to4 fps in semi. I am not sure why it is tighter but it was definitely from the computer mod, I haven't done anything else to it lately.
  2. dobey

    M14 Picture Thread

    Check out: http://extreme-fire.com/ They make the AEG Computerized Mosfet system I have installed in my M14. Was simple to install, just cut a few wires to length and solder them in. Stock gearbox settup: The kit came two days after I ordered, very fast shipping: Trim the wire lengths and solder up: Here it is all done:
  3. dobey

    M14 Picture Thread

    I need to get better pics of it outside, but here is my CA M14 Scout. It has the full length Promethius tightbore Systema m120 spring ICS gears Systema Piston head Guarder Hop Bucking Scope/Bipod Custom Silencer (I am getting 61 dB on full auto from 3 feet) 400 fps on 0.2g BB's Extreme-Fire Computerized Mofset system with 3 round burst Selector is safe/semi/3 round burst with roll over to full auto if the trigger is still held after the burst. Active Breaking, soft start, and the motor vibrates (think console came controller vibrating) when the battery is low etc. This is by far my favorite airsoft gun, and performs the best. In fact it shoots so fast and so far it feels like cheating (almost )

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