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  1. is back and out for.. what else.. revenge

  2. So that's what SCARs would like like 30+ years from now.. lol.
  3. Now it does... but only in civilian mode. Revenge Seeker's update on his WE SCAR which be bought in the first week it was released: NOTHING. Replacement stock piece is still sitting there waiting to be needed and used.. Been thru alot of abuse so far.
  4. Now all I need is that new VFC peq box and I'll be a happy camper. --------- edit: BTW is there a way to hid all that extra wire instead of just wrapping it around the light?
  5. Yea how was that even possible? It left me dumbfounded. Hahah..
  6. I found this vid of a close-up of the Civi-SCAR. Alot of the details are really different on the WE SCAR. Like how the front sights flip and the lacking of that little flip thing in the rear sights. I just thought that was interesting.
  7. Agreed. Was that during a real game or were you just messing around with your friends? I still like your gun.
  8. Personally I think the rail is one of the main plus in my Desert Warrior. After all it is "tactical"..
  9. I chrono'd mines at an average of 460 fps with 0.20g bbs the other day. Green Gas.
  10. Yep. They only had that size in black so I just repainted it with krylon. I guess I should have used a darker shade.
  11. My WE SCAR has a little brother now.
  12. I've fired many times more than that... and no damage yet. During the first 3 days I thought I saw cracking but it hasn't gotten worse since. I still have the new replacement.. haven't been used yet and is just sitting there on the side just in case... But I never use c02... just GG.
  13. Nice. Would you mind taking another pic of your butt plate? Does your butt plate have extra molding in this area..
  14. Mine's still working fine and I was one of the first to get it. Who knows how much mag's been through it already. Original stock plate still hasn't broken.. Added some rail covers and a new flash hider. I didn't want to bother ordering the proper SCAR flash hider so I just got w/e my local shop had. It was glued on so it needed a blowtorch. Yes, the "flower" flashhider.
  15. I really want but can't afford an Eotech.. New flashhider!
  16. Are you the Raven from youtube? Man your vids are freakin' awesome.

  17. Haha. Disregard my last post. I've obviously been away from the forums too long and have forgotten my forum etiquette.
  18. I'd highly recommend it. The mods being done seems relatively cheap and not too difficult. Mines still in one piece but thats because I don't have much time to use it lately. For anyone who fired an inokatsu GBB and the WE SCAR, how do they compare? I've been watching youtube vids on GBBRs and it looks like the inokatsu is the only GBBR that delivers the same amount of recoil as the WE SCAR. All the others look pretty.... pathetic.
  19. Yes, RS pistol grips fit. The CO2 and the Green Gas versions only differ in the mags they come with. Its the same material, same reinforcement, same gun.
  20. I was meaning to add more pics but my camera ran out of batteries (yea that always happen..). What do I think about the gun so far? Its so awesome. Every pull of the trigger scares me. As in the bolt feels like it really hates me and wants to reach back and punch me in the face every time I shoot. Also, like in a real rifle, you're always aware of gun safety because that CH can sure as heck do some damage to your thumb if caught. But I love it. And a neat effect,
  21. CH's should be on the left!! (And yea, I'd rather have a clean front than 3 little words...) With flash, Without flash,
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