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    Cool Military pix
  2. I am in love with that green little guy!
  3. That red star! Is RS a commie?!!!>! Look again.
  4. I recall someone saying an AKM type IV receiver is a little different than a AK74 receiver by how the stock attaches.
  5. Well that phone will look funny sticking out of your pants.
  6. Caught this bugger outside in my Vegetable garden. I hear they're poisonous. Hi-Res
  7. Wow..interesting collection. There are quite a few boards I've never seen before. If its ok, I'll post up what I've done to my Ripstik sometime... basically just new faceplate.
  8. Oh that's not me. I figured out its not a skateboard but something called a castorboard. Didn't belong here... sorry.
  9. Anyone ever seen or tried to do a mod to make their FAMAS like this?
  10. Thanks! But I have no idea what you're talking about with FARC troops. I can't wait till I finish but this project is taking longer (and pricier!) than I thought. Darn you Dboys and your tough paint!
  11. I see your AIM and double-raise you an AKS74.
  12. I posted pics of mines (direct link to it in my sig). It might not look as neat as the old paint but its sure doesn't look like a toy as some has said. But if you give each side 10 minutes rub with Scotch Brite, it'll clear away the matte look.
  13. Now that is what I call a whored AK! Amazing job jebus! You copied this toy:
  14. Lol, true... haven't thought about that. Oh shucks...
  15. Thanks guys! I was expecting a whole heap of criticism. When my hands heal, I plan on making it like this: Or, if I feel up to it, exactly like this: Apparently, I just found out Dboys new paint is actually tough to get out (thanks to Utty!)... this assures me that I'm not just a weakling. ----------------edit And yea, I've just got done completely silvering down the CH.
  16. My first "wear" job. I started out wanting the all silver "40-year old Afghan" look but got tired.
  17. Work in progess.... photos don't do it justice. Its still rather black in person. Actually that black oval on the top is supposed to be silver.
  18. Wow... you make AK owners proud. (Shroom that is )
  19. Finally someone tamed the beast that is CYMA's fake-wood. Amazing job, man!
  20. Its not a full steel one, just look at the rivets, its painted over as is on the original ones. Also the texture isn't as dulled down. Some of the early ones actually came with vented handguards.
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