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  1. I always wondered that with many of these dmr builds, i found the cheek weld was non existent on even m14's so i bought the dmr stock to facilitate a decent weld and optic alignment

  2. Not entirely sure if i catch what you are going to do, order a detonics slide and use a 1911's internals? because the blowbak units are entirely different, that does look gorgeous though, i might have to build one

  3. detonicslegend.jpg



    This is what you get when your metal meu slide with long recoil rod is too heavy to work in 20 degrees, i threw my detonics slide on to the meu frame to get whats is a crisp, efficient 1911 with looks only a mother could love.


    i'll start the timer for the purist stampede...

  4. Usually take tm 1911 as actual backup, mk23 as a secondary quiet option and a ksc usp compact sometimes because i like overkill, oh and sometimes i sling an m14 with my vsr 10...yes i acknowledge i need help, i just feel guilty leaving guns behind at a safezone


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