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  1. Right, regardless of the DIY mods, when purchasing a new open bolt Scar, what other bits are recommended to fit from new, or is it a case of just replace when broken? Secondly, where can these bits be had from. The TSC hammer seems sold out at most places. Thanks Nad
  2. Right, been reading round and really interested in a Scar GBBR. Fancy a change, got tired of playing around with the internals of my elec guns. I've read through most of what I can find but would like some things clarifying. I assume there is now a latest version of this platform, how will I ensure I get this version and how different is it from the earliest models? Did they start from a certain serial number? In relation to upgrades, are the ones listed below still required on the latest versions and what other tweaks are needed? I found the WEM4 wiki, just wondering which twea
  3. Well they were only taken with a phone and a diffused light, no flash used. It was only a quick idea while I was cleaning it. If I was really that bothered would have popped down to the photography lab but the UK isnt exactly gun friendly so I cant just go there and start photographing guns etc. There is a model gun section in the reviews but not sure elsewhere. I couldnt care less if ppl want to use it or not, was just an idea. Anyway point made, no point wasting bandwidth so I'll remove them.
  4. Well took me a while to strip down and lay out so thought an 1911 lover would like it. If you can find another relevant thread I'll stick it in it.
  5. Not sure if this is of any interest to anyone for wallpaper etc. Im sure one of the photoshop whizz's could add on an extra two cartridges and play with the colours etc. L8rs Nad
  6. After shooting on a sheltered range with .2's and .25's in a modified VSR, the .25's did travel the last leg flatter and you could hear that when they hit the target they had a lot more force behind them still. I would have liked to try this in the AEG's but didnt have enough ammo. L8rs Nad
  7. Couldnt you just get the standard one and remove the internal bits?
  8. Cool a car with so much electronics that as soon as you try driving it like you would do a 'proper' car it crashes for you. Reminds me why the RS Diffs are so sought after. Nad
  9. And adjusted to right length by some Not sure why it is how it is because the flashider is even threaded all the way inside yet the outer barrel wont let it sit on far enough unless modified. Cant remember what measurements I took off what, looks close enough for me. Nad
  10. And adjusted to right length by some
  11. It also comes off when u try to wind the long screws used for mounting the sling hooks all the way in the front holes when putting rails on and u dont have enough short screws.... Nad
  12. I was waiting for someone to notice that, but the fact that 5.56 goes down 9 a lot better than 9 down 5.56, I can see how it would be an issue When its screwed on properly u cant see it anyway as it faces the bottom. Only reason it is there is to cover the barrel and was the cheapest one I could get that fits, simple as really. Nad P.S. That and it fits my MP5, which would be the right caliber. Why carry 2 when 1 fits both
  13. rallymad_nad

    1K club

    Well as the UK has limits, apart from upgrading the internals inc barrel for tighter one etc what else can u do that isnt bolted onto the gun? What is the point to stronger gears etc? A sight has more use that a fancy slide etc. Most things are 'bolted' to or attached to the gun incl different stocks grips RIS etc. Most are just RS replacements which cost more but what is the point. Apart from making it look nicer. I brought mine to perform, not to look nice. Depends which side of the fence ur on I suppose. And tbh I wish mine cost a lot less, some of the prices for bits are a right rip o
  14. Yeah I remember u saying that before, had taken a photo of the 3 straps to see which one you thought was best but never got round to posting it. TBH I had one on at first but found it hung too far away from my body.... and bits flapping around Will try it out tomoz again. Nad P.S. Thanks Firefox
  15. As on the MP5 and G36 threads: Shows gun modified to correct length Nad
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