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  1. Earlier I mentioned the new black coated TSC nozzles:



    I need to clarify this: The polished metal TSC "stabilizing" nozzle is good to go (meaning mine has yet to break on an M4 which has claimed several weaker ones), the black one ain't. It's not just a coating, they are subtle differences in the shape which might have been signs of improvement, however the threaded base is undersized and won't mesh with those of the outer nozzle body. Even with Loctite it comes apart after the first shot. It may be possible to superglue the nozzle together but mine went in the trash.


    Any other reinforced nozzles out there?


    well i bought the one from RA-TECH it has four pillars instead of three......

  2. hello guys i'm so tired on searching in the forum so.......does anybody here experience a problem when the selector is on semi it shoots full auto( upgraded to a tsc steel trigger set hammer,sear and trigger)what are the solution?



  3. GAH! Too late.


    The shop has already special ordered for me. I think I'll see it next week or so... :o The magic pin doesn't work?

    magic pin will work as my experience when i used the magic pin it really fit perfect but when i pull the trigger all the gas in the mag releases so check yours when you install yours......


    here's mine before



    this is the current i remove the dytac upper


  4. Ahh... but I am only looking for the upper sir! :)


    > http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/ecshop/goods.php?id=4370


    I can't buy it directly 'cuz of the crappy @$$ customs here. Have to pay a premium through local shops... sigh...


    hey don't buy this upper cause i bought one a couple of months ago from redwolf it say's it will fit the WE yup it will but it has a lot of wobble with the lower you need to buy the RAtech magic pin and thru my experience it doesn't work.


    just wait for other companies to make metal body kits....

  5. How many people here have recently ordered from Airsoft Buddy? I placed an order just over two weeks ago and nothing is happening. I've sent two emails inquiring about it and still have heard nothing. I know one other member is having issues as well.


    I ordered $350 worth of stuff, you'd think I would get something.... :ranting2:

    well i've delt with them i ordered like twice haven't had any issues only it took like almost a month due to some of the items were'nt on stock so email them constant...

  6. Well adjustable power is already available for some time now for the WE, it's made by TS Customs.

    As for cheaper bodies, i saw this one http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=27382 while browsing their catalog.

    Does this mean that complete bodies or at least the upper receiver for the PTW is compatible with the WE ?


    The MUR upper has a wiggle play i bought one and tried it on my WE darn it has too much play it does'nt fit exactly on the lower body i had to order that RA TECH magic pin now it works good

  7. I like that. I like that a LOT... Did you kitbash two Paras, or are those aftermarket parts?



    They are after market parts based on a WA Para HRT silver had to replace lower and upper part slide is metal lower frame is ABS i ordered from uncompany


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