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  1. Richwatts2002

    Custom Gear

    anybody know where I can get some heavy weight webbing to make a semi rigid pistol belt in the UK? OD or tan/CB from preference & between 1" - 2" wide.
  2. Richwatts2002


    once i have it sorted for my ICS i will post some new pics! the way im doing it i should hopefully be able to fit a mosfet into it aswell! have found a source for cylindrical li-ion batteries at 11.1v which should give great trigger response! going to use mini deans connectors to save more space & have the mosfet so i can put a connector onto that aswell. also i can vouch for the quality on the stock, even though its a cheap ACM version it is rock solid!
  3. Richwatts2002


    you can fit a battery into the stock if you use the stock tube from the king arms M16 solid stock! need to use a li-po but it works!!!! proof below! the stock tube does need modding but it can as simple as drilling 2 holes for the gearbox wires to poke thru & re-attatching the plug for the battery with the 2 wires permanently in place! im working on a system for my ics so i can use the PRS stock but have it so i can put my crane stock on just by removing one bolt!
  4. Richwatts2002

    1911 Picture Thread

    does anybody know of any after market MEU slides? only want the slide as its for a 2011 project!
  5. Richwatts2002

    Custom Gear

    Its called a tactical reload!!!! if you know your low on ammo in your mag you reload regardless & move the empty mag to either your empty mag pouch or as in the movie discard the mags for fresh full mags! no professional knowing that they were running low would let there weapon fully empty as a full reload means having to go thru your stop weapon checks! & anyway its a movie so the fact that they did a reload was frankly amazing considering most movie weapons have infinite ammo while in a fire fight!
  6. Richwatts2002

    1911 Picture Thread

    what make are the base pistols & what make are the compensators? ware did you get the comps from?
  7. Richwatts2002


    My SPR pre paint job Post Paint job unfortunatly it is no longer with us but will be re-doing my baby on an ics base in a few weeks time!!! will pretty much be an exact copy of this! will post pics as soon as its re-done!
  8. Richwatts2002

    Custom Gear

    thank you! im working on some other projects atm, will post some pics when they are all done! mainly stuff for my sniper loadout!
  9. Richwatts2002

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    my SPR
  10. Richwatts2002

    Custom Gear

    nearly finnished the holster for my custom grendae launcher! holster made out of fiber glass with multicam cordura resined over the top! looks less dark & less shiny in real life as i coated it with mat varnish! just need to put some thin leather round the top to protect the edges of the fiber glass! did the molle on the back out of thick leather & some spare pouches i had kicking around for the straps!
  11. Richwatts2002


    guns & other stuff!

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