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  1. ActionDan87

    GHK AKMs

    My GHK AKMs with MD63 grip
  2. ActionDan87

    GHK AKMs

    My GHK AKMs with MD63 grip
  3. Yay... I finally managed to get hold of a Romanian MD63 grip thanks to paul202...
  4. Me in my Arkan Tiger loadout... GHK AKMs Converted Bakelite Magazine too!
  5. has anyone thought about making a plastic ghk mag and fakeliting it? or even coverting a bakelite mag to ghk??
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8AUb7y-vyA still not the best quality... damn...
  7. Im afraid the Mrs is to blame for tjhat, sorry guys. I'll be making an updated video today... using the proper camera.
  8. Here we go... looks a little more real now!
  9. Iv done some more cosmetic work to my AKMs... Standby... It looks worth to sit on the wall now!! :-)
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3AQU5Al_Yo
  11. My Current work in progress... GHK AKMs With: -Metal CNC Hop Up Chamber -Real AK47 Muzzle Nut -Real AK Sling -Real Type II Bayonet -Hepheastus Recoil Guid Rod and Spring -Hepheastus full steal recoil kit -Stamped Bolt Serial -Stamped Wood Serial -Stamped Top Cover Serial -Weathered Wood -Weathered Steel Still looking for: -Romanian AIMs Vertical Grip (Can Anyone Help?) -Real Wood Pistol Grip -Angry Gun Tactical AK T1 Red Dot (http://www.bunnyworkshop.com.hk/airsoft/ANGRY-RDS-TAK-T1_angry-gun-tactical-ak-t1-red-dot-sight-with-mount-and-rear-iron-sight?search=ak)
  12. I wonder if anyone here can help me. im looking for a romanian undefolder verticle grip... like this? http://imgdump.novarata.net/image.php?di=PPCO thanks guys
  13. some good looking ak's here. does anyone have a ghk akms???
  14. iv got to say iv got a vfc glock 19, and its absolutly brilliant... accurate and ... Crisp i think i could call it
  15. I have the GHK plus AKs-74, I love it, a lot. I also had the GHK AKM and it performs just as well, it better qualities are that it has 10 more rounds per magazine and a folding stock for easy logistics. I've got a custom Hephaestus guide rod and spring, GHK heavy recoil bolt and also done so customizing myself. Fakelite Pistol Grip (looking for real one) Fakelite Magazine Sanded wood and re stained before wearing it and using a matte finish Rubbed metal to look worn Type II Kalashnikov Bayonet
  16. mate stick to the pure AK look... the ak is beautiful without all the gadgets.
  17. I'm wondering should i get a GP25 for this gun?
  18. it is the original... just sanded it and revarnished it
  19. i imported it myself from ehobby.com... came in pieces but its quite simple, excellent rifle too
  20. GHK AKs74... 'Annushka' Quick review... she is *fruitcage* awesome, great fun, good rate of fire. little bit of jamming at first, the usual teething problems... and of course as with allmy guns, a little custom work :-)
  21. Im currently building my AKs74 by GHK plus, and just to mention i am customizing it cosmeticly. I have also just customised my mates GHK AKs74u Check out the pics, feed back is appreciated.
  22. I have ordered the GHK Plus AKs74, its on its way and im pretty excited about it. I will happily post a few images of it on the forum once iv tweaked it and made her as beautiful as my GHK AKM, She has just been sold though.
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