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  1. Actually the page doesn't crash. This happens to all main pages. It just occurs when the mouse turns into an hourglass. It's just funny my pointer flickers. It happens only in my IE browser. My google browser doesn't have any problems.
  2. hi, when the site loads a specific page, my mouse flickers. it jumps about about an inch up and down so fast. the page seems loading when it is doing this. while it is loading, i can't scroll up or down the page. basically the page is frozen for a few seconds. its funny cuz this doesn't happen to any other forums or websites.
  3. That's cool man, I also got my Desert ELCS, but not the whole kit.
  4. Nice guns. Although I don't own a scar yet, I've held the Star and VFC from my teammates.
  5. Final answer: Blackhawk Commando Chest Rig with BHI Rear Plate Carrier.
  6. Thanks Brunchy Cunny. I've got some MAPs too that I want to try on.
  7. More pics? Okie dokie... I couldn't wear them all.
  8. Psychosis and me. Pic by Shrubber (he posts OP irene vids on youtube).
  9. All your FF are belong to us !
  10. Damn more freedom fighters! Freedom Fighter combat medic. Acting as security detail for Warlord Aidid while he gives autographs.
  11. Did you also notice the "black buckles."
  12. LOL, that's me. Delta vs Freedom Fighter !
  13. I think I just acquired the daddy of the ACU. Presenting, "The Combat Uniform."
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