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  1. Payne06

    1911 Picture Thread

    The models were: 6004-533-121 (black, right hand, 310R) 6004-536-121 (black, right hand, 610R) I also happen to know that 6004-731-121 (fits Beretta M9 with 633R) will also fit a 1911 with a 610R or 310R. I know, because I have 3 of these holsters and 2 Surefires, a 310R and a 610R If you notice, the holster this Marine is wearing is NOT a 6004-536-121. It is actually a 6004-731-121.
  2. Payne06

    1911 Picture Thread

    Wow Choosker, that is an extremely early Laser Products 610. The area where the extended slide stop goes through is a lower profile than later models, which would make the slide stop shorter than most 610 slide stops. The company name also appears cast into the housing rather than being some kind of thick, rubbery sticker like on later models. Laser Products first came out with that line of weapon light systems back in 1986. I guess your 610 is one of the very first generations of the Laser Products classic system, which makes it even more rare than later models of that system. Nice piece of Laser Products / Surefire history, man!
  3. Payne06

    1911 Picture Thread

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you and post pics. I have been busy with school and I didn't have my camera with me over the weekend. Anyway, here's some pics of it. The gun is a RIA (Rock Island Armory) 1911 Tactical. The pistol used to have a silver frame, but I got it Cerakoted black, that's why it has a slight semi-gloss look to it. I am going to get my slide Cerakoted next. Cerakote is ceramic based and virtually eliminates the possibility of rust, even when the gun gets wet. It is also one of the most durable firearm coating on the market today. Here's the gun with the VFC V1911 310 (correct designation is 310, not "310R" or "R310") replica mounted up. I still haven't gotten my real steel slide stop modified yet, so I filed the VFC slide stop to mount it for now. Here it is with the VFC bezel installed into the housing: Here it is with a Surefire L30 bezel installed: (notice how the VFC bezel is a little more shiny than the Surefire) As you can see here, the VFC slide stop doesn't extend far enough into the frame to be engaged by the follower: Here's a comparison between the VFC and Surefire bezels. (VFC on left, Surefire on right) Notice how the finish on the Surefire is a dull semi-gloss, compared to the VFC, which has a shinier finish. Here is the light turned on with the VFC bezel: Here it is again, but with the Surefire bezel (Surefire is running an aftermarket CREE LED) It looks like you feel the same way about airsoft laws, in your country, that I feel about firearms laws in my country.
  4. Payne06

    1911 Picture Thread

    Thanks for the help, but since no US dealers stock the VFC V1911, and since curiosity got the best of me, I went ahead and ordered one of the lights from ehobbyasia. I ordered on Saturday and it arrived today (Friday). Very nice and super fast shipping. Anyway, I can now confirm this light does fit a real 1911 without modifications to the housing. I noticed the housing fit looser than my real Surefire 610R/310R ever did. Unfortunately, the slide lock/release lever does not work because it is too long. That is fine, though, because I don't think the VFC slide lock/release would hold up to the recoil and shock of a real 1911. So, I am going to have my local gunsmith fabricate one from my factory slide lock/release lever. I can post pics of it mounted to my real 1911 if anyone is interested.
  5. Payne06

    1911 Picture Thread

    Does anyone know if the VFC V1911 Light will fit a real 1911? I just sold my last 2 Surefire 610Rs and already miss them.

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